Why does my crochet curl?

Discussion in 'Hobbies and Interests' started by Spluloacle, Mar 27, 2009.


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  1. Spluloacle

    Spluloacle Senior Member Plus

    I was learning single crochet today and i have the stitch down but the work was not staying square. It was almost like the first row chain stitch i did was too tight.

    So what do i do?



  2. brittneyleahc

    brittneyleahc Senior Member Plus

    Rip it out and try again! ;) Well, that is what I do...sounds like you are crocheting too tight, but I'm no expert!
  3. Spluloacle

    Spluloacle Senior Member Plus

    well it seems too expand but I am not increasing stitches or anything
  4. Kati

    Kati Senior Member Plus

    When mine would curl, it was because I was doing it too tightly....as I crocheted more and more, my technique became looser, and that kept it from curling. But it's been years since I've even picked up any yarn, so what do I know either?! :)
  5. BonnieBelle

    BonnieBelle Senior Member Plus

    Your stitches are too tight. I had this problem when I first started knitting. I don't know much about crochet, just try to relax your grip I guess. :dunno
  6. mothragirl

    mothragirl Senior Member Plus

    i would imagine your cast on is too tight too
    also when you block your work it will look better. my knitting always curls a little.
  7. Meaghano

    Meaghano Senior Member

    i often have that problem with the chain stitches. i ususally have to do them to where i feel they are WAY too loose and then they are just right.
  8. Erica

    Erica Senior Member Plus

    Single chains will almost always curl, but you can block it later. Basically, you'll dampen it a little bit, pin it to a towel in the shape it should be and then let it dry.
  9. gamoses

    gamoses Senior Member Plus

    try using the next hook size up with the same yarn to get a looser gauge

    and my stuff never stays flat on its own; i have to make something big (for weight) or iron it (check your yarn label)
  10. jinglelady

    jinglelady Senior Member

    Newbies often have the problem that their initial chain is tighter than their single crochet, so the first few rows look wonky - the initial chain is tighter & the sc's flare out.

    One trick that helps is to do the initial chain with a larger hook and then switch to the smaller hook for the first row. Or, keep practicing until your tension for the chain row works better with your sc tension.
  11. Spluloacle

    Spluloacle Senior Member Plus

    I started again with a chain too loose and it seems to work really well now. :) Thanks for the tips.


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