Where to get rid of broken tv????

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by Marci, Jul 8, 2008.


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  1. Marci

    Marci Senior Member Plus

    We have a 37 inch (I think) tube tv that is just enormous - it weighs 250 pounds. It went out, and we bought a new flatscreen (yay!), but now we have this enormous tv just sitting in our bedroom in the corner. We can't find anyone who takes this type of stuff....and no dumps allow it.....



  2. cookiemomster

    cookiemomster Senior Member Plus

    1-800-GOT-JUNK. I think they'll take anything (but for a fee).
  3. Dina

    Dina Senior Member Plus

    salvation army will pick up at your home - someone, somewhere can fix it or use it ofr parts
  4. skyfiregrl

    skyfiregrl Senior Member Plus

    salvation army, or arc. they pick up.
  5. Marci

    Marci Senior Member Plus

    Well, shoot, we called 1-800-GOT-JUNK and they charge a minimum fee of $105 to pick it up! And Salvation Army says they only accept working tv's. :(
  6. Mommy2two

    Mommy2two Senior Member Plus

    Put it on craigslist!! Some people will take anything!! I got rid of a half dead indoor tree on there. I had no idea how I was going to get rid of it, it was like 6 ft tall, and someone came and got it from me. :) It's worth a try.
  7. Mommypresh

    Mommypresh Senior Member Plus

    Freecycle it
  8. Lori

    Lori Senior Member Plus

    we had the same problem, that is how i got rid of it
  9. artzy_fartzy68

    artzy_fartzy68 Senior Member Plus

    hmmm Dallas has a once a week thing where they take computer monitors and other electronic equipment. Maybe someone could loan you their water bill so you can take it to their dump?
    I think the info is on the city's website about it.
  10. Shanz

    Shanz Senior Member

    I will check with my friend in Wylie whos Husband fixes Tvs! I will see if he wants it or if he can fix it!!!!!
  11. Marci

    Marci Senior Member Plus

    Oooh, that'd be great! :)
  12. cadencolemom

    cadencolemom Senior Member Plus

    I think the city of plano does a recycling day where they take old electronics but i have no idea when it is.
  13. miss_mel

    miss_mel Senior Member


    I have used this service before, but I think you have to live in Plano to use it. Maybe your city has something similar. I would check the city web site.
  14. coffeedrinker

    coffeedrinker Senior Member

    It looks like Wylie will be recycling electronics again in Oct.


    Richardson has the following on their website:


    I have freecycled broken tvs before to people who can fix them. I would be reluctant to do it here where people won't recycle them if they can't get it to work.
  15. Marci

    Marci Senior Member Plus

    Bummer, October? I need to get rid of it much sooner!
    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions!
  16. NicoleW

    NicoleW Senior Member Plus

    I second Craigslist!! I bet you will get a taker who will pick it up. DH looks for old tv's on craigslist, the kind that are encased in wood, and is working to turn them into fish tanks. :) You never know what someone is looking for to put other peoples junk to good use and its easier than you having to haul it off.


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