Where to buy a tomato plant?

Discussion in 'Green Living' started by DallasMommies, Jul 7, 2008.


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  1. DallasMommies

    DallasMommies Senior Member Plus

    Not sure which forum to put this in. We want an already-started/producing tomato plant, since the timing isn't right to plant seeds and start from scratch. Any ideas?


  2. Susannah

    Susannah Senior Member Plus

    Home Depot had them, but don't know if they have any left. It's common for nurseries to have them.
  3. Tracey

    Tracey Senior Member Plus

    I just got one this weekend at Lowe's. Although it's not already producing, it's about 8-10 inches tall.
  4. meighan

    meighan Senior Member Plus

    I saw tomato plants at the Dallas Farmers Market last weekend. They looked pretty tall to me, but I didn't see if they actually had tomatoes on them or not.
  5. Susannah

    Susannah Senior Member Plus

    Mine from seed are just now getting flowers, so if it's at that stage, it should be OK.
  6. maternus.aeternum

    maternus.aeternum Senior Member Plus

    i got a bitty one at home depot or lowes at the beginning of spring and it's HUGE now and has produced like 30 tomatoes but the birds have pecked them all off before they got red! so i think i need a net.
  7. Mickey

    Mickey Senior Member Plus

    You can find tomato plants at Walmart too.

    Hubby picked ours up from Home Depot early in the season and we had the same problem as Amba. The birds keep getting to the tomatoes. Last year, we put cages up, but the birds still got to the fruit, then we put up the nets and the birds would get stuck in them. Joe was at a customer's house and she had tons of tomatoes with no bird problem. He asked her for any pointers and she said to tie pie tins to the plant...I guess the rattle of the pan or the reflection scares the birds off. We haven't tried it yet, but my in-laws did and they said it worked.

    Also, I've been told to plant marigolds in the pot to prevent bugs.

    Now the only problem I have is Mia who's been eating all the grapes off of my vines :lol. I don't think there's anything I can do there though :lol
  8. Dawn

    Dawn Senior Member Plus

    I saw some at Walmart.
  9. Susannah

    Susannah Senior Member Plus

    For anyone who plants marigolds, marigold is also called calendula. So, all that soothing calendula cream you see, what the main ingredient is is marigold. Make sure to use up those leaves and flowers and make some ointment if you plant marigolds!
  10. DallasMommies

    DallasMommies Senior Member Plus

    Thank you :)
  11. quester

    quester Senior Member Plus

    my grandmother plants hers upside down. She pokes the root up through the bottom of a hanging pot and hangs them around the porch. She swears she gets less bugs and better tomatoes with this method.
  12. Dina

    Dina Senior Member Plus

    My uncle did that too and it was fine for a while. BUt then it started rotting for some reason?

    I have 4 plants on our front porch right now that I need to put in bigger containers. I might try a couple as upside down and see how it works. I also have 2 pepper plants that I want to try that way.


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