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Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by MurphyMom, Feb 24, 2010.


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  1. MurphyMom

    MurphyMom Senior Member Plus

    .....the person who runs the house? I don't mean SAHM or WOHM, I'm looking for a title for the person who keeps the household business chugging whether they have another paying job or not.

    And nothing cutesy with *mommy* or *mom* or anything particularly feminine. I'm looking for an identifying title that works for either gender.



  2. AubreyMalee

    AubreyMalee Senior Member Plus

    Head of the Household?
  3. SamanthaH

    SamanthaH Senior Member

    First thing that comes to mind is - Household Manager/Coordinator or Family Manager/Coordinator if you are dealing with things more like coordinating family actitivities, events, etc.
  4. LilysMama

    LilysMama Senior Member Plus

  5. MurphyMom

    MurphyMom Senior Member Plus

    Thanks for responding! That title immediately came to mind BUT it carries with it a 50's type connotation that could allow one to infer we're talking about the moneymaker.

    I'm looking for a corporate type term that works with today's families and only refers to the household CEO.

    Does that make sense?
  6. Summer

    Summer Senior Member Plus

    At my husband's unit, whenever I come up they tell him his Commander is here to see him. :giggle In a way they are right because I am Commander in Chief of the household.
  7. AubreyMalee

    AubreyMalee Senior Member Plus

    This is my title on FB. It is a little silly, but maybe it will give you ideas: I am a teacher, guide, taxi, social advisor, spiritual leader, chef, maid, and personal trainer
  8. Mommy's little quartet

    Mommy's little quartet Senior Member

    Domestic engineer?
  9. RenCareBear

    RenCareBear Senior Member Plus

  10. RenCareBear

    RenCareBear Senior Member Plus

    This one is good from that thread:
    Domestic Project Manager
  11. aliciamh

    aliciamh Senior Member Plus

    Our mom study has been referring to the mom's as CEO's. i like it! :D
  12. afleurdelis

    afleurdelis Senior Member

    CHO: Chief Household Officer
  13. MurphyMom

    MurphyMom Senior Member Plus

    I like this one too but this is the title they're trying to replace......

    They're desperately trying to stay away from anything cutesy or particularly feminine - I like CHO too but I'm in the minority. :(
  14. smm1967

    smm1967 Senior Member

    Household General Manager or Daily Project Manager.

    I also like CHO. What's wrong with that?
  15. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    Household Engineer
  16. Meaghano

    Meaghano Senior Member

    Household Activities Coordinator?
  17. zhonn

    zhonn Senior Member Plus

    Fulfillment Services Team Leader, Account Manager
  18. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

    Operations Executive Officer
    Operations Manager
  19. Purple

    Purple Senior Member Plus

    I don't see what is wrong with the good ol' fashioned title of "homemaker." My activities make our home - and most people these days realize that the duties of a homemaker also include shuttling kids to and from activities. I don't see any real reason to take titles from Corporate America and try to apply them to what I do because it just isn't the same.

    That isn't to say that what I do devalues those titles or that I'm not *worth* those titles, just that it is *different.*
  20. zhonn

    zhonn Senior Member Plus

    Rhinohygenics Engineer - heavy caseload this week!

    (nose wiper)
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