What is the best medicine for night-time nasal congestion?

Discussion in 'Health, Beauty and Fitness' started by Gathering Blue, Oct 20, 2008.


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  1. Gathering Blue

    Gathering Blue Senior Member Plus

    Some kind of nasal spray, those strip thingies, some kind of OTC med? I'm sooooo stuffy at night that I can't sleep. As soon as I lay down my nose clogs up. I've been using my neti pot three or more times a day, but it just can't combat the night-time stuffiness. I tried mucinex last night, but it only helped a little. I think it's supposed to be more for coughs and chest congestion. Help! I really need a good night of sleep!


  2. Gathering Blue

    Gathering Blue Senior Member Plus

    Any suggestions?? I'm heading to the store soon :)
  3. gabdommom

    gabdommom Senior Member Plus

    I like Theraflu, or Tylenol PM Cold & Sinus.
  4. HollyGirl

    HollyGirl Senior Member Plus

    I have a friend that swears by 4 Way Nasal Spray. It makes my nostrils burn, but she likes it.

    I do usually have the best results with sprays or drops for immediate relief, but I can just use them for a short while or they cause other problems.
  5. Susannah

    Susannah Senior Member Plus

    I always just take Benadryl, dries me up and knocks me out, which is pretty much what I need anyway.

    My husband's always had lots of luck with Xlear helping him get over things more quickly (it doesn't really clear you up immediately, it's just got Xylitol in it that helps fight whatever bug it is you're fighting).
  6. Kati

    Kati Senior Member Plus

    Try this - Vicks vapor rub - rub it all over your feet - mainly the bottoms of your feet. Then put socks on over them and sleep that way. Honestly - it's worked for everyone I know who has tried it. Matter of fact, I'm doing that for myself tonight - I'm stuffy today :(
  7. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    I do the Vicks on my feet too.
    I take NyQuil when I am really stuffy.
  8. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    sounds like you need an actual allergy medication. if that's what's causing the sinus problems. you need to get to the actual cause of the sinus prob bc trying to treat stuffiness that's that bad probably won't work. nasal sprays can work but can also become very addictive and they will actually make your nasal tissues swell up later on and cause you to constantly need to spray. i was addicted, i know
  9. whitney

    whitney Guest

    I use a nasal spray...just Wal-Mart brand but not the saline, the medicated kind. It really helps me and lasts through the night. I just try and be really careful with it, only using it when I absolutely need it to sleep so I don't get addicted.


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