What I Wore Today~A Group Thread

Discussion in 'Health, Beauty and Fitness' started by mustang67, Mar 6, 2013.


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  1. mustang67

    mustang67 Senior Member Plus

    I thought I would get this thread kicked off since I actually got dressed in real clothes today....Join me in sharing your outfits whenever you wear something that you love or shows off your style.


    Good grief...big picture!

    Anyway, I love this outfit because of the mix of the soft lace tier shirt and the hard chain. I also just love the textures and it is really a comfortable outfit. But the best thing about it is that I bought every piece of the outfit at a thrift store or resale and didn't pay over $10 for any piece! Well, except the shoes-those were new from Target this year. If I could change one thing about the outfit it would be to pair it with a different pair of shoes with more of a pop of color.

    Alright...don't leave me hanging. Share your pics!


  2. Sara&Evan

    Sara&Evan Senior Member Plus

    I love that outfit!!! Put together, but still casual and practical. That can be a hard balance to achieve and you did it beautifully. I agree about the textures...simply gorgeous. Of course, it also helps that you are super adorable! :)
  3. starlaf

    starlaf Senior Member Plus

    I love this outfit, but I have NO style. I really wish I could go on What not to wear or something.
  4. riddikulus

    riddikulus Senior Member Plus

    Cute outfit! I'm rocking yoga capris and a t-shirt. No one wants to see that. lol
  5. abbie'smommy

    abbie'smommy Senior Member Plus

    I am already in my PJ's :bag It has been a LONG day ;) If someone can help me by telling me how to upload pictures to DAM, though, I might be willing to stick my neck out there and embarrass myself another day ;)
  6. hollyf

    hollyf Senior Member Plus

    Very nice! Most days it's jeans and tshirt.... I only dress in real clothes on Tues/Thurs when I go to work. Maybe I will have someone take a pic of me tomorrow! ;)
  7. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    pretty. I'm still in pj's at 5:56. went to chick fil a drive through in them and took my son to gymnastics in them.................how's that for LAZY!!! Of course they don't really look like pj's except for the bottoms but no one saw those
  8. Lindsayrg3

    Lindsayrg3 Senior Member

    Super cute, Jessica! I love fashion, but today I only wore Gap yoga pants and a Gap zip- up jacket. In my defense, I went to the gym really early and then had a thousand things to do after. :) Also, I love being able to pin cute outfit ideas on Pinterest!
  9. vlsmom2

    vlsmom2 Senior Member

    What a great outfit! Love!!
  10. RenCareBear

    RenCareBear Senior Member Plus

    Very cute! I went to work, but we wear jeans. So I was in jeans, a semi-fitted tee, a fleece jacket because I was cold, and Sperrys. You look WAY WAY cuter than I did today! Maybe tomorrow I should at least wear a cardigan. :lol Now I'm in PJs because it has been a hard few weeks at work.
  11. Mom2one

    Mom2one Senior Member

    Great outfit! Much like my style. That is ,when I do get dressed.
  12. Night Owl

    Night Owl Senior Member Plus

    What a great outfit! You look adorable!
    So, I wasn't exactly a fashionista today- but I did get out of the yoga/sweatpants and sneakers to do a little shopping and have lunch with a friend.

    Last edited: Mar 6, 2013
  13. Lindsayrg3

    Lindsayrg3 Senior Member

    Night Owl- super cute!
  14. mustang67

    mustang67 Senior Member Plus

    Yay! Thanks for joining in! I love the skirt-very on trend for this year.
  15. Night Owl

    Night Owl Senior Member Plus

    :lol And I bought it last summer- before chevron exploded. Stroke of luck. ;)
  16. LeftEarDominant

    LeftEarDominant Senior Member Plus

    Both of you look so cute!
  17. starlaf

    starlaf Senior Member Plus

    I need help!!! More people please post pics. I plan on taking notes. When I reach my goal weight I will be buying a whole new wardrobe.
  18. mustang67

    mustang67 Senior Member Plus

    I like www.thepleatedpoppy.com and www.getyourprettyon.com for outfit ideas. They both have link ups each Wednesday where people share pictures of what they are wearing. I think those are good places to start to see real people wearing real clothes. I do a ton of copying from what I see on those sites.
  19. Night Owl

    Night Owl Senior Member Plus

  20. Lindsayrg3

    Lindsayrg3 Senior Member

    And don't forget Pinterest!

    I'm Lindsay Grounds if you want to follow. :)


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