What happens if we don't get the car inspected on time?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by kelbel, Nov 30, 2007.


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  1. kelbel

    kelbel Senior Member Plus

    I just realized that we were supposed to have one of our cars inspected this month. My DH has it at work today, so it's not going to happen. So now what happens? Are there extra fees?


  2. FriscoDanielle

    FriscoDanielle Senior Member Plus

    I just got mine done yesterday, it was due in October. You could get a ticket but if you avoid that, you have a month to get it done. Just bring it in sometime next week, you'll be fine.
  3. evysmama

    evysmama Senior Member Plus

    Nope. There's actually very little in the way of consequences, unless you get pulled over, in which case you'll get a ticket. I totally spaced and let one of our cars go for about 5 months. When I finally took it in, the guy who did the inspection just shook his head and gave me a disapproving look, like he couldn't believe I waited that long. :lol
  4. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    No extra fees. I paid $35 to have mine done.
    Mine was due in Sept and I just had it done last week. I did get stopped and got a ticket for it but if I can prove that I got it done within 10 days, I will only have to pay $10 court fees.
  5. lonestarmommy

    lonestarmommy Senior Member Plus

    DH got pulled over a earlier this month JUST for his inspection. argh! I think the fee was $250. As you can imagine, he was quite frustrated with himself. (He had planned to do it over the weekend and we went to do something as a family instead. Got pulled over on his way to work Mon. morning.)
  6. Mara

    Mara Senior Member Plus

    I got pulled over last weekend (with visiting family in the car) ONLY for inspection too. It was due in August. I totally just spaced it.

    Just had to go get it done within ten days, bring proof to the court and pay the ten dollar fee and have it dismissed...
  7. alisah

    alisah Senior Member Plus

    You have 10 days to get it done. They shouldn't pull you over if its due in DEC until after the 10th.
  8. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    oh ! DH's inspection is up this month!
    thanks for the reminder ladies!
  9. quester

    quester Senior Member Plus

    Mine is waaaayyyyy out. I get nervous driving around town because I am sure that I am going to get a ticket at any time. I keep forgetting to do it when I have the time and money. I only seem to remember it when I am in a rush or have no money with me.
  10. Kati

    Kati Senior Member Plus

    :yeah Actually, our Jimmy's was out in Feb of this year and my Kia was out in April. :bag And we've been driving around avoiding policemen as much as possible - when I see one anywhere close to where they could see my sticker, I turn the other way, even if I have to take a totally different street out of my way! And now, we might as well wait until Feb of 08 to get the sticker updated :)

    We have had automotive guys give us the disapproving look too, but hey, if they want to loan me $80 to get both cars done, then go ahead. Otherwise, I don't mind until I get that ticket. lol
  11. Nikki

    Nikki Senior Member Plus

    Well mine was due in Sept and is STILL not done. Why?
    I was missing the cap to my brake fluid so the guy was nice enough to tell me BEFORE he began inspection that I wouldnt pass with the cap missing.
    So we drove to every auto part store in town. Nadda. Special ordered it. Sent the wrong one. Special ordered it again and waited......and waited.............
    never came. Order again and its suppose to come today.
    Meanwhile like Chelsea said, if I get pulled over I will get a ticket for sure but thats the only consequence.
  12. sportsmom

    sportsmom Senior Member Plus

    My dh is famous for not getting them done in time. I actually noticed it on my expense spreadsheet last month that I never had an item for that in Quicken, looked outside at his windshield, then TOLD him to take it in and get it inspected! And he drives it every day! Luckily he didn't get pulled over for it, and luckily he had it inspected before he did get pulled over in October b/c that cop was a butthead to begin with (we were all with him).


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