what happens 4-7 days before your period?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by simplyme, Mar 23, 2006.


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  1. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    ok, i get miagrains. so for the past few months i've been writing them on a calendar to see if there is a pattern. well sure enough they are coming 4-7 days before my period. i've tracked it since january so that's only 3 mos. but i'm betting there is a pattern here. I dont' know much about cycles so is there a big drop or peak in a certain hormone, does something "go off" right before the period starts.... any ideas? i'm wondering if i eat a certain food that week before if i could ward this off. i'll write this in the nutritionist forum too to see if she knows. i figured those of you TTC may know more about body workings than i do.
    thanks for your help


  2. Shananigans

    Shananigans Senior Member Plus

    I get headaches the week before my period is coming and I start to break out on my face as well. Seems just when I get my skin looking good, my period is due. Actually the headaches and the breakouts are the only real way I know my period is coming. I have very long cycles, which is why it took 18 months to concieve DS #2. Seems my cycle is 40+ days...not 28.


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