What do parsnips taste like?

Discussion in 'Food and Nutrition' started by angie, Jun 26, 2005.


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  1. angie

    angie Senior Member Plus

    Does anyone know what parsnips taste like?

    I read that you either love or hate the taste and one person described them as tasting like licking a basement floor :yikes


  2. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    LOL! sounds yummy!
  3. angie

    angie Senior Member Plus

    I know, it makes me scared of buying them, LOL. I had to look up what they looked like online because I had no clue what they were or looked like.
  4. gabbyandme

    gabbyandme Senior Member Plus

    I think parsnips taste a lot like turnips. I love them with a little butter and salt. mmmmmmm.
  5. angie

    angie Senior Member Plus

    yay ~ positive feedback :D
  6. Christine

    Christine Senior Member Plus

    Funny .. we just had parsnips for the first time the other night. While at the Grocery store, Zachary asked what the white carrots were, I said Parsnips and he wanted to try them. They are bland, smell like carrots with a hint of sweet. I sauteed them in butter them topped it with shredded Moneterey Jack Cheese. I really liked it. I didn't think they tasted like turnips at all .. turnips, to me, have alot stronger taste. I love scalloped turnips ..YUMMY.


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