What bottles/nipples for thick formula?

Discussion in 'Bottlefeeding Support' started by gumbi, Apr 3, 2008.


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  1. gumbi

    gumbi Senior Member

    We just started our daughter on Enfamil AR, which is thicker b/c of reflux. We have Born Free bottles, and Babies R Us is always out of the nipples we need.

    Can anybody recommend bottles and/or nipples for thicker formula? She's two months old.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. gtmom

    gtmom Senior Member Plus

    I don't know what works with the Born Free bottles.. but we used Dr Browns bottles (they were supposed to be the best for gas, but they were a pain to clean). They have a standard size nipple in level 1, 2, 3 and a y-cut (for rice cereal thickness). If your bottles take a standard size nipple, you could try those. We were on AR for a while (it only helped for a couple of weeks and we had to switch again), but I think we used a level 2. If I remember right, the AR formula is only slightly thicker as they are drinking it, but it thickens in their tummy so you wouldn't want to go too fast of a flow.

    I'm pretty sure there are quite a few brands that have the different flow nipples...
  3. Stefani

    Stefani Senior Member Plus

    My oldest was on Enfamil AR ready to feed & we used the Avent bottles w/the regular nipples with no problems:)Its really not that much thicker than regular formula;)

    I was in Whole Foods today (Park & Preston in Plano) & saw a few Born Free nipples on the top shelf.
  4. HollyGirl

    HollyGirl Senior Member Plus

    We were on a thicker formula, and I bought a Gerber nipple with an X cut in it. I don't know if they still make those, but I would take an Exacto and do it myself if necessary.
  5. Mel

    Mel Senior Member

    Micah was on AR too, we just got the fast-flow nipples and those worked great.
  6. cadencolemom

    cadencolemom Senior Member Plus

    We used the dr browns with a y cut nipple for chase when i gave him cereal in his bottles. My first son, Caden, had reflux really bad and we used to give him cereal mixed with breastmilk in his avent bottles with the y cut nipple.

    I just got chase the born free trainer cups and i got him a variable nipple that might work for cereal. if you turn the nipple one way its a level 1 flow, the other way its level 2 and the 3rd way its a level 3.
  7. Zeallie

    Zeallie Senior Member Plus

    we used dr browns and the lvl 2 nipples with the ar and it worked fine..lvl one went to slow for ds
  8. mommy2girlz

    mommy2girlz Senior Member

    We use Dr Brown's also - and have tried AR. We just went up to the next size nipple.
  9. Marci

    Marci Senior Member Plus

    Dr. Brown's - size 3 nipples!


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