Discussion in 'Children's Health' started by firebird, Mar 3, 2013.


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  1. firebird

    firebird Senior Member Plus

    Friday, DD1 threw up on the way to preschool. Yesterday, she threw up in the afternoon. Both times she did not lose her appetite and wanted to eat right after, but she has been eating less overall since the first time Friday. No fever or anything else, thank goodness. Today she had an accident where she pooped on herself- very loose, it looked like it was almost just watery. We are thinking she has a stomach virus. Does the poop mean that it is running its way out of her system?
    Side note: she told me after the fact about her accident. She had wiped herself, put in a pull up, and put her underwear in the trash :lol


  2. mom2-1xx1xy

    mom2-1xx1xy Senior Member Plus

    Both of my kids had a horrible stomach virus which had both ends going at the same time. Not pleasant at all. Diarrhea can just be part of the virus, but it sounds like she has had a pretty mild version. DD had to get IV fluids and zofran because hers was so bad. Mine were very achy too. I hope the rest of your family stays healthy.
  3. Jessica

    Jessica Senior Member Plus

    I have a bunch of friends in Denton who were just hit with norovirus. It's lasting 5 days (per person) and they have passed it through each family. All vomiting/diarrhea with no fever. I hope that's not what she has. It sounds awful.
  4. firebird

    firebird Senior Member Plus

    I have been thinking back to the last time this happened, and I think she may have an ear infection. That is the only other time that she has ever had uncontrolled diarrhea, and when she has ear infections are the only times that her appetite is any smaller. She has had over a week of runny noses , drainage, and chest congestion with a loose cough. Plus, she rarely has my ear pain with ear infections. Anyone else have this happen with ear infections? Every time she gets an ear infection, I feel like we get to an "ah ha" moment during which I put all the pieces together! We're going to the doctor in the morning, and I hope it's just an ear infection- especially since that means there's no virus for the rest of us to catch!
  5. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    i'd say the accident is still part of the virus, not that it's heading "south and out".
  6. Danea

    Danea Senior Member Plus

    Man, rotovirus must be making the rounds around town. I have two coworkers who's kids go to daycare on opposite sides of the metroplex and their families are both recovering from the virus.


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