Vera Bradley knock-off?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by shelby, Jul 26, 2011.


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  1. shelby

    shelby Senior Member Plus

    Anyone know of a good VB knock-off? or a great bag seller on etsy, etc.?

    I'm not really a purse girl per se but I looove tote type bags. :D


  2. Katie1013

    Katie1013 Senior Member

    Stay far, far away from Janine King Designs. I used their bag for 45 days and it fell apart. I complained and they told me it was clearly my fault because I overstuffed it. It had a wallet, a diaper, a sippy and my cell phone. The straps frayed along the sides, not on the seam (where you would expect if the bag was overstuffed and stressed). I was truly disgusted.

    I did buy a computer bag from and it is professionally made and came right on time. She has purses as well.

    Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but hope it helps!
  3. mbee85

    mbee85 Senior Member

    Keep an eye out on the Vera Bradley website. They have big sales pretty often on their patterns that are going to be discontinued. I have also found Vera Bradley randomly at TJ Maxx. I don't think you can beat the quality of a Vera Bradley, so it might be worth it to find something on sale :)
  4. SingingSLP

    SingingSLP Senior Member

    I can't be too much help on finding a VB knock-off, as I've been known as a "vera bradley purse whore". I love my Veras and get many of them on ebay or from their big sales in Ft. Wayne (helps that DH is from there). Check ebay and then subscribe to their website. You will get emails all the time advertising their great sales you can take advantage of. We just got a Vera outlet here in FL. I will miss it when I move into Plano next week!
  5. SomewhereInTX

    SomewhereInTX New Member

    You might not miss it TOO much - we have a VB outlet in San Marcos now (about three hours away); plus there are at least three VB stores near Plano, one as close as Allen. I love my Veras and I'm dying to go to the outlet sale in Ft. Wayne one year; I may end up going by myself next year that's how bad I want to go!
  6. Agibbie

    Agibbie Member

    Vera Bradley also has a close out shop. Good luck. I'm picking one up from in the close out shop.
  7. SingingSLP

    SingingSLP Senior Member

    close out shop? online or an actual store? where is it?
  8. shelby

    shelby Senior Member Plus

    Yeah, I seem to be finding that there's just no comparison. :lol Thanks everyone. :)
  9. shelby

    shelby Senior Member Plus

    oh, and :yeah
  10. Agibbie

    Agibbie Member

    Actual stores. My mom has one near her house in PA. I need to look if there is one near here.
  11. mom2-1xx1xy

    mom2-1xx1xy Senior Member Plus

    I just bought my daughter's lunch box at VB at Stonebriar Mall tonight. They gave me a flyer about their sale for VB 100th b-day. It is August 11th. They have deals all day. The $52 tote is only $29 that day. From 3-6 all tote styles are $10 off and from 6- close you can take 20% off any one item. There were a few more accessories we wanted, but will wait until the 11th. DD's lunch box from last year made it through the whole year and it is machine washable.
  12. janiemerle

    janiemerle Senior Member Plus

  13. Nic&Kenna'sMom

    Nic&Kenna'sMom Senior Member Plus

    Thanks! I just ordered 3. My mom has neck and back problems and loves Vera Bradley purses because they're lighter weight and don't put pressure on her shoulders. The shipping was still $8 for 3. Can't beat those prices!!
  14. kalvarado

    kalvarado Senior Member Plus

    Darn, all sold out :pout
  15. shelby

    shelby Senior Member Plus

    No, they still have some left! Just go to the Vera Bradley site and search Olivia. Some patterns are sold out, but not all of them. :D

    I lucked out and got the Get Carried Away bag I wanted in Hope Garden on sale for $66. Score! :D


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