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Discussion in 'Children's Health' started by Christycarlson, Feb 19, 2013.


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  1. Any recommendations for a Pediatrician that will support delayed or no vaccines for 2 month old and beyond near Coppell??



  2. firebird

    firebird Senior Member Plus

  3. Awesome! Thank you so much!!
  4. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    Pierre Robert of Grapevine Pediatric Clinic
  5. Audra16

    Audra16 New Member

    Healthy Kids Pediatrics in Frisco is where I go. Dr. Bain is great :-) She has a monthly meet and greet so you can go and ask questions and get to know her approach before you commit. I highly recommend!

  6. Danea

    Danea Senior Member Plus

    I use Dr Anne Georgulas in Childgrove Pediatrics in Coppell that's to prior DAM recommendations, my son is 2.5 and had one shot.
  7. november

    november Senior Member

    I suck at knowing the metroplex and where each town is located within it but Dr Stephanie Elmore in Irving is excellent and respects our decision not to vax. There was no pressure, she just asked for our reasons and left it at that. Didn't make me sign some ridiculous paper that I've heard other doctors forcing you to do, etc. She was very nice, had great bedside manner, was not rushed AT ALL (she probably sat with us for 20-30 minutes for a WCV!), and we just really liked her. It was a small office, very quiet, and no wait time.
  8. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    Dr. Randy Naidoo, Shine Pediatrics. Garland/Richardson area.
  9. november

    november Senior Member

    Whoops, Elmore isn't a pediatrician, though, she's a family doctor which is what I was hoping for over a pediatrician anyway.
  10. Kotasmom

    Kotasmom Senior Member Plus


    We just started seeing him, and we do not vax at all. We've seen him twice now, and he doesn't even talk about vaccinations with us.


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