Tums overdose in a two year old?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by Meaghano, Mar 18, 2010.


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  1. Meaghano

    Meaghano Senior Member

    I have a call in to my doctor but anyone have experience with this? My 2 year old just ate like half a bottle of tums. I'm concerned about od'ing on antacids. :(


  2. 3apples

    3apples Senior Member Plus

    call poison control 1-800-222-1222. they will be very helpful.
  3. justagirl

    justagirl Senior Member Plus

    :yeah called them once and very very helpful
  4. Angiezem

    Angiezem Senior Member

    Call poison control ASAP.


  5. ISAinDFW

    ISAinDFW Senior Member Plus

    I hope Violet's ok! :hug
  6. Hayley

    Hayley Senior Member Plus

    :yeah :hug
  7. abbie'smommy

    abbie'smommy Senior Member Plus

    :yeah I hope Violet's okay! :hug
  8. Jenna

    Jenna Senior Member Plus

    Charlie did the same thing and he was totally fine.
  9. Mickey

    Mickey Senior Member Plus

    Eeek! I hope you little one is okay! Please keep us posted!
  10. LilysMama

    LilysMama Senior Member Plus

    I hope violet is alright! :pray
  11. Dawn

    Dawn Senior Member Plus

    :hug How scary.

    I pray everything is okay.
  12. Meaghano

    Meaghano Senior Member

    Ok I called poison control and they said I had to take away her milk and anything that had calcium in it. she will probably either become constipated or have diarhea tomorrow. :( She was doing really well potty training today too, I imagine that this will set us back. I could kick my husband, those are his. I think we need to get rid of all the chairs in the dining room too since thats how she got onto the kitchen counter. ugh.
  13. abbie'smommy

    abbie'smommy Senior Member Plus

    I'm so sorry, mama. How scary... I hope the side effects are minimal. :hugs
  14. Andrew&Averysmom

    Andrew&Averysmom Senior Member Plus

    Hope that the side effects are mild as well.
  15. formofjane

    formofjane Senior Member

    oh my goodness! I hope she's doing okay today, I don't know which would be worse, the diarrhea or the constipation!
  16. Mommy2two

    Mommy2two Senior Member Plus

    Oh wow! Glad to hear that it wasn't anything to serious. Hopefully it doesn't effect her too much! :hug
  17. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    when it came to the climbing stage, we just turned all of the chairs on their sides until we needed to sit down.
  18. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

    Isn't poison control so helpful - they helped us when DS ate too many echinasea/vitamin C gummy supplements.

    He had cramping and diarrhea.

    Hope your side effects are milder then expected.
  19. Amy M

    Amy M Senior Member Plus

    My 2 year old did the same thing over Christmas at my parent's house. I really don't know if she ate 1 or 20, but she was fine and poison control was very helpful at calming my fears.
  20. jmac

    jmac Senior Member

    BTDT called poison control. I think I suffered more than my child did just because I was so freaked out. Once my 1 yr old got one of my iron supplements in her mouth. Still not sure how it happened but I managed to fish half of it out of her mouth and call poison control before breaking down and sobbing uncontrolablly. Needless to say I stopped taking my pills while holding the baby. I hope tomorrow is ok!


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