Things that start with the letter I?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by MyKidsMom, Nov 5, 2006.


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  1. MyKidsMom

    MyKidsMom Senior Member

    My son is in charge of bringing items for his Pre-K class this coming week. The letter will be I...never would have thought this would be hard, but the only thing I can come up with for him to take is a toy icecream cone....

    Need ideas PLEASE!!!!


  2. ChickieShannon

    ChickieShannon Senior Member Plus

  3. ChickieShannon

    ChickieShannon Senior Member Plus

    ink (sealed though! :lol)
  4. Lynda

    Lynda Senior Member Plus

  5. Cami

    Cami Senior Member Plus

    That's the letter this week at the MDO where I teach. We will talk about Issabella the Inchworm (with gummy worms), make an igloo with cotton balls on paper, and play with ice. He could bring a ruler for inch as well.
  6. ChickieShannon

    ChickieShannon Senior Member Plus

    Indian - just in time for Thanksgiving!
  7. Chera25

    Chera25 Senior Member Plus

    ice skate
    ice hockey

  8. CathyAnn

    CathyAnn Senior Member Plus

    How about a box of instant potatoes? :)
  9. ambhi

    ambhi Guest

    Map of Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, India...


    Ice cube tray, a toy Iron, Iceberg Lettuce, Ruler (it has inches),
  10. teachin_mama

    teachin_mama Senior Member Plus

  11. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    Ivy, of the fake or silk variety, or Imprint, as in a hand or leaf.
  12. Mommy2_2_Cuties

    Mommy2_2_Cuties Senior Member Plus

  13. ambhi

    ambhi Guest

    icicles (dunno if i spelt that right but just thought of it).. you could get them at the shops now--those icecicle (:lol) lights that people use to decorate with. ;)
  14. Sarah

    Sarah Senior Member Plus

    Incredibles DVD
    Itching cream

    ....that's all I got! :)
  15. TeriMomOf4

    TeriMomOf4 Senior Member Plus

  16. MyKidsMom

    MyKidsMom Senior Member

    Thanks for the ideas and showing me it isn't as easy as I thought it should be. Thought about Indian, but we don't have any toys,etc around here...think I have a porcelain doll, but again it is a preK class...same thing with an iron.

    I do think I will print off and let him color a picture of an iguana and thanks for the Incredibles movie idea....pretty sure we have a Mr Incredible toy and maybe the DVD.

    Can't really go to the store to buy things and not really interested in doing that for show and tell. E was a much easier letter :)
    Thanks again for the and tell is tomorrow so I"m still interested in anything ya'll might think of.


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