The Best Chicken Strips/Nuggets Ever!!! (GF)

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by hollyfred2002, Oct 11, 2009.


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  1. hollyfred2002

    hollyfred2002 Senior Member Plus

    Whether you are GF or not, I swear I made the best chicken strips I have ever tasted tonight. They were so good, dh went and bought more chicken so I could fry up a big batch to freeze and heat up later...AND my kid who snubs most meat lately ate 5 strips and asked for more, but we had run out.

    Chicken breast
    GF flour mix or regular flour
    1 egg
    1/2 cup milk
    Panda Puff cereal (tastes a bit like Capt'n Crunch but less sweet and GF)
    grapeseed oil or other clean tasting high heat oil (maybe safflower or vegetable oil)

    Mash up Panda Puffs in a bag with a rolling pin getting them fine to medium fine in crumbs. Put in a shallow dish. Beat egg with milk and put in a shallow dish. Put flour in a shallow dish.

    Pat chicken dry and cut lengthwise down the breast into 1/2 inch strips and then cut once crosswise across strips (makes about 8-10 strips per breast).

    Pour enough oil in a pan to coat the bottom plus about 1/2 inch. Turn on burner to medium heat.

    Toss strips in flour coating evenly and then tap to remove all excess flour. Put floured strips in egg wash, coating evenly, tap off excess and place chicken in PP crumbs. Press crumbs into both sides and set prepared raw chicken strips on a plate while the oil heats up and you get enough strips ready to put in the pan at once.

    Oil should be hot enough that it bubbles when the chicken goes in the pan, but not so hot that it splatters. If it's too hot, you will end up with a raw piece of chicken and a burnt crust! Gently place prepared chicken strips in the pan leaving enough room for oil to flow between each piece and to be able to turn with tongs. It should be bubbling evenly. Cook until golden brown on one side (about 2-3 minutes) and turn over. Cook until the other side is golden brown (another 2-3 minutes). Remove chicken to a paper towel lined plate and bot any excess oil from the top (there wasn't much on mine).

    I made some sweet/ sour dipping sauce by combining some sushi vinegar and honey with a pinch of salt, but the strips were so good on their own that the sauce wasn't really necessary.
    Seriously.....soooo good.
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  2. ISAinDFW

    ISAinDFW Senior Member Plus

    Yumm. That sounds really good. :) TFS
  3. LesleyJ

    LesleyJ Senior Member Plus

    I crush up whole grain crackers to use on the outside of my chicken strips and its so much better than bread crumbs... sounds like the same concept here! Mmmmm.
  4. Krystin

    Krystin Senior Member Plus

    I use cornflakes I agree so much better
  5. valpreston

    valpreston Senior Member

    Where do you get "Panda Puff?" Is it carried in most stores?
  6. hollyfred2002

    hollyfred2002 Senior Member Plus

    I get it at Sprouts and they had a bunch on clearance at Tom Thumb recently because they are no longer carrying it. We bought every last box at our TT because it was 50% off which amoung to a good deal in the world of gluten free cereal.
  7. valpreston

    valpreston Senior Member

    Yeah! I've got a Sprouts a mile from my house. I love EASY!
  8. mickide

    mickide Senior Member Plus

    sounds exactly like what I make, we use gorrilla munch though.. sometimes rice chex too..
  9. jendw

    jendw Senior Member Plus

    Ok, I picked up some Panda Puffs after seeing you post this recipe. I was a little skeptical because the cereal is peanut butter-flavored, but they did turn out really good. My husband (who would probably normally turn up his nose at "kid food") liked them, and Alice ate a lot as well. Thanks for posting!
  10. kimmyg

    kimmyg Senior Member Plus

    Sounds good! :hungry TFS!

    P.S. Are Panda Puffs available in any store or does it have to be a special store? ;)


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