Starving artist sale?

Discussion in 'Reviews and Recommendations' started by TwinmomPlusOne, Jan 20, 2008.


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  1. TwinmomPlusOne

    TwinmomPlusOne Senior Member Plus

    I saw on tv last week or week before that the traveling Starving Artist Art Sale was in the area. I can't find any information about the locations or times on the internet. Does anyone know where it is, if it's still in town, or the internet site to look it up? I've run searches on google and yahoo, and can't find it. Help!


  2. Amber

    Amber Senior Member Plus

    I remember hearing that one of the locations is at a hotel in Richardson, but I don't remember which....sorry I'm not much help.
  3. Susan

    Susan Senior Member Plus

    It's not really a traveling artist show. It's the same pictures that you buy from the Art/Frame shops, Michaels, Bed, Bath & Beyond etc...It's just a company that rent out space in a hotel. They have their "show" about 3x a year. If you missed it, it will be back in another few months. If you need something sooner, just get a 20% off coupon for Michaels' or BBB and check out their selection.


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