Skinny Cami (before/after pics)

Discussion in 'Reviews and Recommendations' started by Sarah, Dec 30, 2009.


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  1. Sarah

    Sarah Senior Member Plus

    I just got my skinny cami in the mail! I :love it!!

    Here are some before/afters. I have a lot of "muffin top" from my sweet baby girl (hope to looooooose it with The Shred!), and this is a total blessing since I couldn't find anything in my closet to wear. Everything showed my back fat or rolls on the side. With the cami, my shirts fall very smoothly over it and even sweaters look a LOT better.

    It's made to layer AND she made this one a nursing one for me so I could still breastfeed. She's really nice (the girls who makes them) and was great about replying. Shipping was quick - I got it a couple days after I ordered.

    And I pretty much wear it every day now. :)

    If you buy one, tell her I sent you!!! Because I get a free one if 5 people order, and I would love a white one!



  2. kalvarado

    kalvarado Senior Member Plus

    Wow! Looks good!
  3. momoftriplets+1

    momoftriplets+1 Senior Member Plus

    SOLD - I've been watching/waiting for your review. When I order - I'll be sure to tell her you referred me!!!
  4. laurachelle

    laurachelle Senior Member Plus

    Wow! So, I am assuming the cami is tight. Does it move or roll up when you walk, then?
  5. abbie'smommy

    abbie'smommy Senior Member Plus

  6. Rebecca

    Rebecca Senior Member Plus

    Wow, that's great!!
  7. hollyf

    hollyf Senior Member Plus

    looks great!!
  8. Crystal A

    Crystal A Senior Member Plus

    :yeah I'm really interested - that's the one part of my body that drives me the most insane - that tummy skin that totally isn't going anywhere :crap
  9. Dawn

    Dawn Senior Member Plus

  10. Jackie

    Jackie Senior Member Plus

    that's AWESOME!
    I need one, LOL
  11. Becca

    Becca Senior Member Plus

    ok be honest, is it constantly riding up to show your belly?
  12. aliciamh

    aliciamh Senior Member Plus

    cool! TFS
  13. Sarah

    Sarah Senior Member Plus

    The one I have is a "long" size medium with a large bust and nursing clips.

    You can tell how low the tight part is, it doesn't ride up. But I do pull it down after gettin up from a sitting position.

    She is really good about exchanging from what I've seen on her facebook page. And she recommends to be really honest about your hip size, because that's why it rides up - too tight on hips.

    The cami is tight - I have to pull it on from the bottom - there's no way I could pull it over my head! :lol But it's not uncomfortable to wear, imo. In fact, I think there is a little bit of back support. And it makes me stand up straighter. :)
  14. aliciamh

    aliciamh Senior Member Plus

    I wonder if we could do a co-op. :dunno
  15. Spluloacle

    Spluloacle Senior Member Plus

    Do I just say Sarah sent me or do I need your last name too? If so PM me :)
  16. Sarah

    Sarah Senior Member Plus

    last name is Thompson :)
  17. Tammy

    Tammy Senior Member Plus

  18. artzy_fartzy68

    artzy_fartzy68 Senior Member Plus

    Holy cow!!!! I need one of those!!!
    do they make something that would control my a$$, too??? I've got some serious problems.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2009
  19. artzy_fartzy68

    artzy_fartzy68 Senior Member Plus

    yes, good idea!!
  20. Shananigans

    Shananigans Senior Member Plus

    :lol I could use a butt cami myself!


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