SERIOUS diaper rash...what do I do on a Sun?

Discussion in 'All About Kids' started by monsmith, May 25, 2008.


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  1. monsmith

    monsmith Senior Member

    Drew got a rash Thurs night, but we used some left over nystatin & it looked better on Fri so we didn't take him in. He pooped all day Sat & just screamed every time I laid him down to change's awful! My Dr did have Sat hours, but they stop during the summer (ugh!) or I would've taken him yesterday. Now its Sun, but tomorrow is Memorial day & I dont think we can/should wait until Tues b/c I just don't know what to do for him. He's actually got what looks like two open sores (they look like blisters), and the poor kid is soooo miserable. To make it worse he has the runs b/c he's teething...I just feel so bad & don't know what to do for him!

    I've been using Desitin b/c its super thick & keeps the poop off his butt, but that's not been helping the rash. I've also been using Nystatin, but that doesn't really help with the poop. I've also got som Vusion (anti-fungal cream he got for his last rash), but I'm afraid to use it b/c of the sores.

    Where can I go today to get him looked at & does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?!



  2. CraftyMama

    CraftyMama Senior Member Plus

    Does it look like blisters? It might not be fungus. If it's blisters that pop and then crust over, you might try some triple antibiotic ointment - that is what our dr. told us to do when dd had a blistering rash because it was bacterial. Not saying all blistering rashes are bacterial, but it might help :)
  3. Dallas214Mom

    Dallas214Mom Senior Member Plus

    Dr. Smiths Diaper Rash Creme at Walgreens. Slather on a really thick layer and you should start to see a change by tomorrow.
  4. brittneyleahc

    brittneyleahc Senior Member Plus

    I would give him a bath with Domboro powder (use the sink so you can use one packet of the powder...the stuff isn't cheap). Let him air dry as much as possible and then slather on Dr. Smiths. It should clear up quickly (like within the day) and completely heal in a day or two. Good luck, diaper rash is no fun. :cry

    ETA: Sometimes you have to go to the pharmacy and ask for Domboro as well as Dr. Smiths. ;)
  5. mothragirl

    mothragirl Senior Member Plus

    if it is yeast than diaper rash creams will make it worse. you could go to primacare. try to keep him naked and get a little bit of sun on it.
  6. Dallas214Mom

    Dallas214Mom Senior Member Plus

    Hi I did not read your full post before I posted with my Dr. Smiths recommendation. Have you checked out

    Here is what they have to say about diaper rash:

    Here is a pic from their site on Yeast Diaper Rash:

    Whenever my kids are sick or I have a question I have found them to be invaluable. Good luck. I am sorry its Sunday and your little one can't get in to the Dr. today.
  7. monsmith

    monsmith Senior Member

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I can usually tell if its just a rash or yeast or fungal, but the blisters are a first & throw me off. I've never heard of Dr. Smiths or Domboro so I'll have to research those...

    Just FYI, I called CareNow & they don't have pediatricians so I asked if anyone does & they suggested I go to Acute Kids Care ( which is like CareNow but w/pediatricians. Luckily, there is one right up the street, so I'll take him up there when he wakes up from his nap...ugh, poor kid.

    Thanks again!
  8. Dallas214Mom

    Dallas214Mom Senior Member Plus

    Good luck, glad that you are able to get him in. Let us know.
  9. ~Amy

    ~Amy Senior Member Plus

    Blake had a terrible rash a few weeks ago and it was the same thing. He was screaming and wouldn't even let me hold him on my hip. My pedi gave me samples of that new Vusion Ointment. It worked overnight!

    And Acute Kids is awesome. I don't even know how many times we've been on a Sunday! ;)
  10. monsmith

    monsmith Senior Member

    I really liked A-Cute Kids! I walked in & was put in a room right away. The room had a TV w/satelite. The nurse came in & took his stats & the Dr came in w/in 15 minutes. I was in & out in about 30 minutes, which was great! It's a yeast rash, but since Drew also has the runs he said we're fighting a loosing battle until he gets better. He told me to clean well, dry well, slather on the nystatin & then desitin to help keep a barrier from his butt & the poop. It's better this morning, but since he did have some blisters, those'll be raw for a while.

    Thanks again everyone!
  11. brittneyleahc

    brittneyleahc Senior Member Plus

    Even if it is yeast, the Domboro bath is very soothing...just something to help out! :) Sorry he is feeling bad, it is so hard when they are feeling bad and it gives them diaper rash! :(
  12. texasamy

    texasamy Senior Member Plus

    Has he been on antibiotics recently? If so it could be yeast. Gentian violet works the quickest, but you'll need to find out what rash it is first. A thick Zinc ointment works well for other rashes. Keep him naked as much as possible for either.
  13. hollyfred2002

    hollyfred2002 Senior Member Plus

    When Indi has a rash, I keep him out of a diaper as much as I can. I actually like A and D ointment for rashes when I HAVE to put him in a diaper. It soothes instantly and it improves very quickly. Desitin seems to dry out the skin too much to allow it to heal IMO. A and D provides a barrier and is more soothing and healing I find. But I think washing with plain water (stop using wipes for all diaper changes) and a soft cloth and keeping him diaper free as much as you can will do the most good. Indi used to have a constant rash when he was tiny until I stopped using wipes on him altogether. I started keeping soft baby wash clothes in a wipe warmer with plain water for changes and then the rashes just stopped completely. As he has gotten older and less sensitive, I do use wipes on him for changes nowadays for convenience. The wash clothes with water do clean easier and better IMO though and don't have the scream factor that wipes have. I have just gotten lazy about using them.
  14. Susan

    Susan Senior Member Plus

    :yeah Amy

    FTR Dr.Smith's is the best diaper rash cream for regular old diaper rashes.
  15. HollyGirl

    HollyGirl Senior Member Plus

    I agree on the Dr. Smith's! That stuff can be hard to find. Sometimes they keep it behind the counter at Walgreens/CVS if it's not out on the shelf.

    Leo screamed with Desitin but not Dr. Smith's.
  16. Cagirlintexas

    Cagirlintexas Senior Member Plus

    :yeah we love this stuff!
  17. Stefani

    Stefani Senior Member Plus

    Also remember not to use baby wipes on his bottom...We use very soft baby wash clothes with water to clean the bottom. Piper has had some severe ones.


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