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Discussion in 'Reviews and Recommendations' started by TiffanyHarrison, Aug 11, 2007.


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  1. we spent all day shopping for school..and Im having trouble finding a couple of things,mainly I dont even know what they are and wal-mart,target,and office depot employee's didnt either!

    so here are the things I need help with PLEASE!
    8.5x11 1/2'' red bl story tablet
    comp book 1/2'' ruled 8x10 red bl 36 ct
    11x17 1/4'' asst bag no holes

    I wouldnt put it past me to just being having brain overload,im going alittle crazy now with having the kids for 7 days without dh home...but i honestly couldnt figure out these things. I also managed to buy too many expo markers,but no glue sticks LOL oh well

    also are kindergarden's a share community or do you have to label everything? same with first? I'm assuming 3rd is not a shared thing and everything gets labeled?

    oh my gosh..thanks for ya'lls help! Sc school supply lists were completly different than down here!


  2. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    8.5x11 1/2'' red bl story tablet - sounds like a paper pad with ruled pages, blue solid and dotted lines in between and red lines on top- Big Chief? I thinkg they are called

    comp book 1/2'' ruled 8x10 red bl 36 ct- a compostition book-?

    11x17 1/4'' asst bag no holes- a large pencil bag, without binder holes on the side?

  3. Jenna

    Jenna Senior Member Plus

    They do share their stuff, in Rockwall I am only alloweded to label his backpack, folders, spirals.
  4. jellybeanmom

    jellybeanmom Senior Member

    You'd have to email the teacher to see what's shared. Mine is a fifth grader this year. There have been varying amounts of sharing supplies in each grade and it's different among teachers within each grade too. Also, most of our school's teachers don't want anything labeled. They will do it with the class on the first day. I just print off a bunch of labels on the computer and stick them with the supplies and let him label what the teacher wants labeled.
  5. 7isSufficient

    7isSufficient Senior Member Plus

    I *think* that a story tablet are the ones with the lines (for writing) but have a blank space at the top for a drawing to go along with what they write..I know I have bought these at Albertsons before..not sure about the others
  6. Thanks, I am pretty sure I know what the first one might be,the rest I have no brain still hurts over yesterdays excursion!
    I am going to call the school tomorrow and ask them about the labeling and the specifics of the items that I dont know what they are and hopefully they can help me!
    thanks for your help
  7. Amy,
    I think your right too! I saw some of those at walmart yesterday but the dimension sizes were off.i might just go back and get them anyway.
    I also saw a composition book that looked like it was meant for littler kids at target and might go and buy those just to be safe and if they are wrong just return them.
  8. ambercamp

    ambercamp Senior Member Plus

    i was having the SAME problem so i called Nick's school for help.. LOL

    the teachers pick things out from a catalog, can you believe it??? the person at the school office said to go to Mardel's.

    8.5x11 1/2'' red bl story tablet
    comp book 1/2'' ruled 8x10 red bl 36 ct

    BOTH of these things are at the Mesquite Mardel's. i had gone to 3 different stores to find those two things and black construction paper (when i broke down and called, i was going crazy!!!)

    hope this helps!

  9. gabdommom

    gabdommom Senior Member Plus

    I have had good luck at CVS with those things.
  10. thanks, I guess ill be going there and picking them would be nice to just be able to pick up the stuff from walmart and target type places. I was at walgreens yesterday afternoon picking up filler paper since it was on sale LOL
  11. AllyRyansMommy

    AllyRyansMommy Senior Member

    If you are in Plano, another good place to looks is US Toys. They have a large section of teacher related stuff, the larger size construction paper in all colors, etc. I needed an 8 count box of large crayons in a LIFT LID box. Finally found them at UST after looking at about 10 other stores. I think next year my first stop will be UST or Mardel's.
    At my dd school In Plano, they said during the Kindergarten orientation night that the only thing the kids will not share will be backpacks and large towels for them to lay on during rest time.
  12. 1plustwins=love

    1plustwins=love Senior Member Plus

    Good Luck!!! I still need to buy all dd's stuff. We're not supposed to label anything besides her back pack.
  13. I found the sketch pad at the supertarget in lewisville yesterday,I could have sworn they didnt have it sat! im going to look at the end of the week for the other stuff when i can go without the kids.
    Thanks for your help!
  14. MomtotheBoys

    MomtotheBoys Senior Member Plus

    I am having an impossible time finding some items on Mason's supply list! I have been to two Targets, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's and the office supply store here in Rockwall. I still can not find these items

    2 PKG of Manila Paper 12x18
    3 Advanced Tablets 3rd Grade 8x12 ( I actually have NO clue what this is! And everyone I asked at the stores had no clue! Even the two teachers I ran into:()
    2 Blue Base Art-Rite Story tablets (I think I know what this is but still haven't found one:()
    2 pkgs Construction Paper 12x18 (now it doesn't say what color or if they want multi colored.... these lists are just insane!

    If anyone has seen these items in the Rockwall area PLEASE let me know where! I would be SOOOO thankful :thumbup I am about to give up and tell the teacher that here's the money YOU go searching for it! What ever happened to regular school supplies. All a child needs is a few art supplies, paper, folders and some books to learn! do they really have to have two different kinds of special Tablets? The spiral notebooks were just fine last year, and that is what he writes on at home with no problems! I just don't even want to get out into the crowds one more time LOL
  15. the construction paper i found in the lewisville superwalmart on hebron.i have to still find some that is just bright white construction paper that ive had no luck in finding.
    The other items i asked some teachers at the school registration last week and they couldnt answer me, so im not taking them in until the kids start school and i actually know what the things are! grr
  16. Dorothy

    Dorothy Senior Member Plus

    I found Bright white paper and the Manilla paper at my local Staples.
  17. Mommypresh

    Mommypresh Senior Member Plus

    Great thanks i'll check them out, ive been having a hard time finding both.


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