Requester or Requestee?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by shakiesha, Oct 1, 2008.


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  1. shakiesha

    shakiesha Senior Member

    In keeping with the new and improved board, do you find yourself requesting friends or are you the one getting requests.

    This can be applied to life in general as well. For instance, a social situation do you begin the conversation first..etc.

    For me, it depends. In the past (pre-husband, pre-baby and while in a familiar location) I could honestly say that I was the one being sought after. Now, not so much. I find myself making the effort to befriend people. Not just on DAM but in general.

    How about you ladies?


  2. islandmommy

    islandmommy Senior Member Plus

    A little bit of both. . .I remember telling myself that I was going to have make a conscious effort to make friends once I didn't have school classmates as a fall back.

    But I've also found people reaching out to me as well, which I really appreciate.

    Today, however, as my work day was hectic, and the new DAM look is kinda freaking me out, I've gotten four invite for friendships before I had a chance to send any out. I appreciate the love. :love
  3. Mackerzgirl

    Mackerzgirl Senior Member Plus

    I've had both so far. it was nice to wake up this morning to a friend request :love so I shared the love and sent out some of mine own
  4. Cagirlintexas

    Cagirlintexas Senior Member Plus

    A little bit of both. I defiantly make an effort but people make and effort to get me to be thier friends too.
  5. coffeedrinker

    coffeedrinker Senior Member

    Neither. Nobody likes me. :cry:rofl


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