problems seeing at night while driving?

Discussion in 'Health, Beauty and Fitness' started by ChickieShannon, Mar 14, 2006.


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  1. ChickieShannon

    ChickieShannon Senior Member Plus

    I hate driving at night. I absolutely CANNOT see. I know I need my vision checked. Things are somewhat blurry. If there are no lights out to illuminate the road I really have to strain. But my biggest problem is my eyes are SO sensitive to light at night. Car headlights are the worst. If they're on-coming I have to look down to the right away from them in order to see the road. I flip my rearview mirror and adjust my side mirrors because the lights behind me are too bright. What's wrong with me and is there anything I can do? Anyone else deal with this?


  2. texas1010

    texas1010 Senior Member Plus

    I used to - but not to the extent that oncoming headlights hurt my eyes. Everything just seemed blurry. I had my vision checked, got some glasses, and that did the trick. But like you, it only affects me at night. I don't need the glasses during the day.
  3. Susan

    Susan Senior Member Plus

    I do and that's why I almost never drive at night. I've had night blindness to a certain degree my whole life but it gets worse with age (for me.) I see better at night with my contacts than I do glasses but not that much better. If we are taking a road trip I can do fine as long as it's just interstate/hwy and not driving through city streets. The lights are just too bad.
  4. Marci

    Marci Senior Member Plus

    You might just have sensitive eyes. When was the last time you got your eyes checked???
  5. Gathering Blue

    Gathering Blue Senior Member Plus

    Do you have light colored eyes, Shannon?

    I have the exact same problem. Dark roads are the worst for me, with the headlights oncoming, they completely blind me. My eye doc said that it's because my eyes are so light colored. Light colored eyes are more sensitive to light, because they are more reflective or something.
  6. RyliesMomma

    RyliesMomma Senior Member Plus

    I hate driving at night b/c the bright headlights hurt my eyes too! It doesn't help that the newer model cars have neon lights which are even worse.
  7. ChickieShannon

    ChickieShannon Senior Member Plus

    It's been about 5 years since I had my eyes checked. At the time, I did have to wear glasses for driving, using the computer, etc. Somehow I quit wearing them but I'm afraid to start using them now because what if my eyes are different and I mess them up wearing the wrong prescription (that may be completely invalid but I don't know???)

    So is there anything they can do if your eyes are overly-sensitive to lights at night? And I totally understand the neon light thing, Jennifer. To me, those things should be illegal! :lol

    And, Shirelle, my eyes are brown.
  8. RyliesMomma

    RyliesMomma Senior Member Plus

    THey do have night sunglasses but they are pretty ugly (but I guess if it as night no one will see you :rolleyes ) and I honestly think the neon lights should be outlawed...they are hideous!
  9. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    I have the same problem. Even on a familiar road I have a really hard time at night. I almost never drive at night because when I can't see like that my anxiety starts kicking in and then I am just a mess. I don't know that headlights make it any worse for me though. I am hoping to have my vision checked soon and hopefully some glasses will help.
    Shannon, if I were you I would go have my eyes checked again, not wear the old glasses. If it is the wron prescription then you are going to end up with a major headache!
  10. mamacita

    mamacita Senior Member Plus

    I have that problem too! I know its time to get my eyes checked. I have the most difficulty gauging distance at night.
  11. Marci

    Marci Senior Member Plus

    That's my problem and I have contacts! :rolleyes
  12. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    I think vitamin A is suppposed to help with this. If you have a deficiency it could be making it worse.
  13. Misty

    Misty Guest

    I have this problem ( I think the neon lights you can get a ticket for).
    I HATE HATE HATE driving at night because the lights HURT me so much and I just CAN'T see! Dh says he doesn't have a problem so I figured out it was just me. I am getting my eyes checked SOON so I will definatly ask when I go.
  14. Amber

    Amber Senior Member Plus

    I have the same problem. Wearing glasses helps. And I HAVE to have the "non-glare" coating on my lenses. It helps a ton with the lights!
  15. RyliesMomma

    RyliesMomma Senior Member Plus

    I know what neon lights you are talking about and those you CAN get a ticket for...I am talking about the new headlights that have a neon glow to them. I don't think neon is the right word, but you kwim?
  16. ChickieShannon

    ChickieShannon Senior Member Plus

    Yeah, it's not the *ghetto* lights I'm talking about (and I say that in fun so please take no offense :lol). It's a new headlight some car makers use and has a different color to it and is too bright for me.
  17. Night Owl

    Night Owl Senior Member Plus

    I have the same problem, too.
    I see "sunbursts" around headlights, stop lights, and pretty much any bright lights.
    I also have a little difficulty with depth perception- but only in the dark.

    I just had my eyes checked, and got new contacts- which helps a little bit. I completely forgot to talk to the dr about my night vision problems, though.

    It helps a lot if I turn the interior lights in MY car way down. The gauges and everything. The seem to draw my attention away from the road. I also adjust my mirrors to keep lights behind me from shining in my eyes.

    One other thing is that by the time it is dark outside, I am usually exhausted. :lol I try to make sure I have a cold drink, or some coffee, or whatever will help me stay fully alert. Everything is harder when you are drowsy, especially driving!

    For the record, my eyes are very very dark brown, almost black. :lol


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