~ Pimple On Bottom Of Foot *Update #27* ~

Discussion in 'Health, Beauty and Fitness' started by Jamie, Nov 27, 2008.


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  1. Jamie

    Jamie Senior Member Plus

    Can you get a pimple on the bottom of your foot?

    Yesterday the bottom of my foot started to hurt like I was stepping on something. This morning when I got up I could barely walk on it. It hurts BAD. Well there is a small lump and it is all red. DH says it could be a pimple and wants me to put pimple cream on it. I personally, can't imagine you can get a pimple on the bottom of your foot with how dirty they always get. The lump is a little bit bigger then a typical inflamed pimple. It hurst. It's crazy. Just overnight. And I have to be on it all day to cook.


  2. CraftyMama

    CraftyMama Senior Member Plus

    I vote for a bite. A pimple would be pretty unlikely... :dunno
  3. kalvarado

    kalvarado Senior Member Plus

    I agree with Bree... I also wonder if it could be where you got a splinter or something small in it and it just got irritated. I hope it gets better soon!! :hug
  4. Spluloacle

    Spluloacle Senior Member Plus

    the other thing that comes to mind is a plantar wart. but probably a bite
  5. Jamie

    Jamie Senior Member Plus

    That is what I am thinking Kristin. I cut DH's hair and have on several occasions had one of his hairs stick in my foot. I just cut his hair this weekend and am wondering if one got in there without me noticing.

    Bree, good idea. I had not thought of a bite. It hasn't itched though, but I guess not all bites can itch, right?
  6. Mackerzgirl

    Mackerzgirl Senior Member Plus

    It could be a piece of glass or something similar that's been stuck in their for a while and your body is pushing it out. I have had that happen before. And it looks like a pimple because it basically is.
  7. TeriMomOf4

    TeriMomOf4 Senior Member Plus

    I was thinking plantar wart also.
  8. CraftyMama

    CraftyMama Senior Member Plus

    I'm sure not all bites itch :)

    I've had that happen with a hair too - and if you were using one of those clipper things, they make teeny little hairs that could get stuck.. but if it is on the ball of your foot or on your heel, I'd be pretty surprised, because most people have such thick skin there..
    I hope it gets better soon! :)
  9. ckbagby

    ckbagby Senior Member Plus

    I bet it's a hair. My husband shaves his head in the kitchen and I am always getting hairs in my foot for days. I hope you get it out!
  10. JAR

    JAR Senior Member

    I was thinking a wart also.
  11. Jamie

    Jamie Senior Member Plus

    It is in the ball of my foot where it is thick skin and the lump is more IN my foot then out of my foot.

    Would a plantar wart come on so quickly?
  12. momof4kiddos

    momof4kiddos Senior Member Plus

    :yeah They hurt!
  13. momof4kiddos

    momof4kiddos Senior Member Plus

    Mine have always come on quickly. You can buy the medicine and it comes with a little band aid type pad that goes over it so it doesn't hurt.
  14. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    I had something like that a couple of months ago. It was hard, kind of like a small boil and it hurt. It had a head on it too. It eventually just went away, but only after I lanced it and kept it clean and medicated. Sorry, it is gross.
  15. kmegibow

    kmegibow Senior Member

    When I've been bit by a fire ant on my foot, that is how it looks. I'd vote fire ant or insect bite. So sorry!
  16. 7isSufficient

    7isSufficient Senior Member Plus

    :yeah that's what I was thinking..
  17. rockstarmommy05

    rockstarmommy05 Senior Member Plus

    I think something might have gotten stuck in it as well... right now I have a small pimple like thing on my foot, and Brandon went to investigate, sure enough something is in there... but I am a baby so I'm waiting to see if it comes out on its own! :dunno
  18. Helen B

    Helen B Senior Member Plus

    I vote plantar wart also. They hurt & they do just appear it seems like. I had a HORRIBLE case in high school that they could only get rid of by cutting out of my foot. Hopefully it's something else, but if it doesn't get better soon, go see a podiatrist.
  19. TeriMomOf4

    TeriMomOf4 Senior Member Plus

    Oh Helen, me too! It was so bad that the podiatrist got all excited and took pictures of it so that he could show his colleagues. :bag I had over SEVENTY of them on the bottom of my foot. I had to soak my foot in FORMALDEHYDE every day and then go in weekly to have the bottom layer of my foot scraped off. It was so incredibly painful. :eek
  20. Jamie

    Jamie Senior Member Plus

    Gee Teri, you are really helping me feel better. :giggle

    I am soaking in Epson Salt as we speak. it has gotten redder and a little larger/harder.


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