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Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by Rach821, Aug 23, 2011.


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  1. Rach821

    Rach821 Senior Member Plus

    Has anyone done this before? I just got my scanner and now I'm doubting if I should do it. Are there any benefits to doing this? Prizes? Discounts? I'm sort of thinking that it's just a way for them to know every little thing about what I buy and it really won't benefit me at all. So does anyone have any experience with this? TIA!


  2. crystal

    crystal Senior Member Plus

    I got it but they want so much information...what coupons I used etc so I have not done much. I mean you get points to cash in for prizes but the prizes seem sort of lame and it takes a long time to build them up....I am questioning it too
  3. Mushu

    Mushu Senior Member Plus

    I'd google them and add the word scam.
  4. Katie1013

    Katie1013 Senior Member

    I did it for a week or so. It was such a pain to scan everything. The store I shopped at wasn't in their database so I had to manually enter in each price. I did it once or twice and stopped.
  5. lyssasmama

    lyssasmama Senior Member

    I did it for a few months but it was such a pain that I stopped. The prizes aren't worth the effort and it takes way too many points for the prizes.
  6. Rach821

    Rach821 Senior Member Plus

    Thanks ladies! I think I'm going to send it back. I scanned something for Target and it didn't have the price. I mean come on! It's Target and all it was was some goldfish! They don't know the price of that? I don't have time to manually enter everything I buy. I shop almost every day! No thanks!!


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