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Discussion in 'All About Kids' started by Cagirlintexas, Mar 29, 2012.


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  2. 18 months

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  4. 2 and a half

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  6. 3 and a half

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  1. Cagirlintexas

    Cagirlintexas Senior Member Plus

    At what age did you stop changing you kid in public


  2. Tammy

    Tammy Senior Member Plus

    We never really changed our kids in public.. Maybe a diaper or two but we would do it in the back of the SUV with it closed...
  3. Night Owl

    Night Owl Senior Member Plus

    Maybe an ermegency diaper, but I was pretty much always in a restroom or at least a semi-private area for diapers. Other than that, I never changed my kids in public (clothes, I am assuming).
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  4. GFA81

    GFA81 Senior Member Plus

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  5. Greensong

    Greensong Senior Member Plus

    DD is 2 and I'll still use the back of the SUV if I need to, though I try to shield her body and work fast. Other than that, restrooms are the only public place we use now. (Gosh, I'm remembering back to all those emergency changes in file rooms, waiting room floors, etc. when she was tiny. LOL!)
  6. ~Amy

    ~Amy Senior Member Plus

    I picked two because if I had to strip my two year old down to change a dirty outfit, I would have. Probably even up to 3. But those cases were rare. Now, at 4, 6, and 8, I make the strip in the back yard all the time coming out of the pool! :lol But no one can see them there.
  7. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

    When it bothered them, I think it was about age 4. I rarely had a reason to change their clothes in public though.

    They would put their swimsuits on by the pool with all the cousins / aunts / uncles, without a second thought, until they were about six. DD has to change at girls camp and PE class in the girls locker.

    I think it is good to have modesty but you don't want to go to extreme that they are ashamed by their nude body.

    So I just follow THEIR lead and respect their level of modesty, it will develop on its own. They do go through phases during puberty where they are more modest, especially if they are early or late bloomers.
  8. shelby

    shelby Senior Member Plus

    Since this goes up to age 7 I'm guessing it means clothes...

    There have been very few times I've needed to change my kid's clothes in public. If it's a quick shirt change I just do it as fast as I can. If it's a pants/skirt change I wait until I can get to a restroom or private area. I know on one occasion I had someone hold up a blanket as a privacy screen and made the change as quickly as possible - but that only works if I have another person with me and a blanket. :lol

    All that said, I've tended to avoid it at all ages.
  9. Deb

    Deb Senior Member Plus

    I tend to still do quick changes in the car - if we are heading out and someone stains a shirt I might just change them in the car. Last summer while we were OOT on vacation we stopped at a park and they played in a river -had a blast, but they got soaked unexpectedly. We quickly changed them in the back of the SUV -not many people were around. If it came up again I'd probably do it again without much thought. But it doesn't really come up too often.
  10. Cagirlintexas

    Cagirlintexas Senior Member Plus

    Sorry I meant clothing. I felt uncomfortable recently by a 4 year old changing in public not very discretely. Not that I care but Logan is getting to the age where he notices these things. Love the mom and can't say anything. Was wondering if I was just odd to be bothered.
  11. Cagirlintexas

    Cagirlintexas Senior Member Plus

    To answer my own question I would do a quick very discrete change out of a bathing suit till Logan was 3 and a half but that was it.
  12. Sara&Evan

    Sara&Evan Senior Member Plus

    Depends what you mean by public. If you mean like at a community pool or in a busy parking lot, then I suppose 3 or 4 was when I started making a more conscious effort to be discrete with DS. He's 6 now, and he would prefer to cover up a bit in a public place like that. DD is 2 and I change her in the back of the SUV (door open) all the time. Also, we live on a golf course, and the kids skinny dip in our backyard pool often. I figure that if the golfers don't want to see anything, they should be better at keeping their eye on the!

    Now, if by 'public', you mean in front of friends...well, then you better just not be friends with me if you can't handle a little nudity...:lol. I just let my kids be the guide here. If they prefer to go in their room to change, fine. If they are happy to do it in the living room in front of our guests, that's fine by me too. Now at other's homes, I would take them to the bathroom in most cases...unless i KNOW it's a friend I know is completely cool with it.
  13. Melanie

    Melanie Senior Member Plus

    I answered 3 but I just remembered that last Saturday my daughter had on a long sleeve shirt and I pulled it off real quick in a parking lot to switch to a short sleeve shirt. She turned 4 in January.
  14. Kathmom07

    Kathmom07 Senior Member Plus

    Age 1, except for attempt at a discreet change in a parking lot (in the car, tried to block view :)) when DS got soaked while at a river recently. I've seen parents change 5 year olds down to their birthday suits at the place we did swim lessons... was sort of surprised by that!
  15. Deb

    Deb Senior Member Plus

    I guess we totally did that last year -in the swim instructors back yard. I never thought much about it. My kids were not quite 4. I guess I need to figure out a new system for this summer.
  16. jendw

    jendw Senior Member Plus

    My older son is on the autistic spectrum and has major sensory issues-- the sensation of the wet swimsuit clinging to his legs after getting out of the pool was too much for him to bear between the ages of 2-6. Instead of dragging a distressed and screaming boy off to the dressing room to with two other kids in tow was too much. So yes, I would change him quickly behind a towel after getting out of the pool. He is 7 now and doing better, so we might be able to make it to a dressing room this year.

    Of course, even then, the dressing room at our pool has a sign that doesn't allow him to come into the women's room with me, so we might just have to do it out in the car.
  17. Kathmom07

    Kathmom07 Senior Member Plus

    Sorry, I didn't mean to sound negative!! I don't think I would have noticed with toddlers, it was the 5-year-olds having conversations with DS while naked (& one of the kids ran around at one point mid-change) that got my attention I think... suddenly it hit me that they were all old enough to understand more than before, and that I might have some extra explaining to do to DS that I hadn't done yet, as we don't have girls. ;) But it didn't upset me or anything. And I understand if parents aren't able to change elsewhere!
  18. Deb

    Deb Senior Member Plus

    Oh I didn't take it badly -I was just thinking ahead -this summer they will be almost 5 and I don't think I would have thought twice about changing on her back patio. For us with B/G twins there isn't much we haven't explained yet :lol
  19. ilynnegrl

    ilynnegrl Senior Member Plus

    Price is almost 7 and he feels the need for privacy so if he had to change, it would be in the car where nobody could see him. I recently changed Quinn's shirt in the car without giving much thought to anyone that might be looking. If I was changing her panties I would use a little more discretion probably. I don't, however, let them run around in public naked. They both, regularly, are topless at home.

    Melissa, is the family you mentioned, American, or from another country? We seem to have a greater level of modesty than most other countries. I know that you are in Qatar, which I gather has lots of expats from many countries.
  20. Cagirlintexas

    Cagirlintexas Senior Member Plus

    They are from England. Her daughters us just very comfortable being naked. We just haven't really discussed these things much with Logan. I guess we are going to have to.


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