My 3 year old has a stiff neck :( UPDATE POST 19

Discussion in 'All About Kids' started by kalvarado, Nov 9, 2008.


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  1. kalvarado

    kalvarado Senior Member Plus

    What in the world could cause this? Nicholas got up yesterday morning and he was just fine. As the morning went on, we noticed him tilting his head to one side and complaining of his neck hurting. He can't turn his head from side to side, either. :( We gave him some Motrin yesterday afternoon, and again at bedtime. He seemed to be getting better (spent the night w/my parents) my mom said, then got up this morning and she said it's really stiff again. She mentioned the dreaded "m" word (meningitis) and I kind of freaked out.
    If this is still going on tonight, I'm staying home with him tomorrow and taking him to the doctor. Any ideas?
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  2. MandyD

    MandyD Senior Member Plus

    If I couldn't think of anything else to attribute it to I would probably get in with the doc. That's one of those things I'm not willing to 'wait and see' on. I'll wait out an ear infection, cold, or other minor illness, but I'd rather be the overly cautious mom when it comes to that. I'm sure the doctor would feel the same way. Isn't time a huge factor in the dreaded M word?
  3. kalvarado

    kalvarado Senior Member Plus

    I just paged my pediatrician. He's not had any fever or loss of appetite. But he is complaining of not feeling good. :( Poor baby. I hope the doc calls back soon!
  4. BostonMa

    BostonMa Senior Member Plus

    I hope you get some answers soon and Nicholas starts to feel better. I wouldn't wait either, I'm glad you called the dr.
  5. Amy M

    Amy M Senior Member Plus

    I'm glad you called too. He might have just slept wrong, but just in case... BTW, this might even be a case for me that I would still go the the hospital if my doc doesn't think it's anything. I think time IS an issue with meningitis, although I know nothing more about it. Hope your report is good.

    ETA: I know google is not my friend, but here is a link that might be helpful...

    How To Rule out Meningitis as a Cause of a Stiff Neck

    Stiff necks can be annoying, but they might also be a sign of a serious infection, tumor or other problem that does not originate in the neck. Meningitis is an infection in the membrane and fluid of the brain that could (if it is the bacterial kind) require medical attention ASAP.
    So if you are experiencing a stiff neck, it is a good idea to try to rule out meningitis as the cause. If, after reading this you cannot, please see a doctor as soon as possible.
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  6. Crystal A

    Crystal A Senior Member Plus

    :hug Hope you get to talk to the doc soon!
  7. momof4kiddos

    momof4kiddos Senior Member Plus

    Hannah had this last week. A really bad headache and a stiff neck, so I took her in on the side of caution. We know of a little boy that had just had viral meningitis and I just wanted to make sure. Hannah's was just attributed to allergies and sinus infection, but I am glad I had her checked. I would take him in just to be safe. My doctor also said that usually kids that have meningitis are curled up from the pain, but you never know.
  8. Brandie

    Brandie Senior Member Plus

    Oh girl, will be praying! I would take him in just to be safe too...:hug :pray
  9. JeannaK

    JeannaK Guest

    He may have just been playing too hard. I hope he feels better soon. :)
  10. Jenn

    Jenn Senior Member Plus

    Oh, Kristin...I hope you find out what it is soon.
  11. Michelle

    Michelle Senior Member Plus

    Thinking of you! I hate to say, "M" was the first thing I thought of too. Let's hope it's something much less serious. Please keep us posted!
  12. BostonMa

    BostonMa Senior Member Plus

    Any updates? Keeping you all in my thoughts...
  13. ShanShan

    ShanShan Guest

    Praying it's nothing serious!!! KUP!!!
  14. RenCareBear

    RenCareBear Senior Member Plus

    Any updates? I hope everything is ok.
  15. Cagirlintexas

    Cagirlintexas Senior Member Plus

    :yeah Keep us posted :hug:hug
  16. Tammy

    Tammy Senior Member Plus

    My first thought was "m" too. I do hope all is ok. Please keep us posted..
  17. Amy M

    Amy M Senior Member Plus

    Still thinking about you! :pray
  18. Sara&Evan

    Sara&Evan Senior Member Plus

    hoping all is ok with your little one :hug
  19. kalvarado

    kalvarado Senior Member Plus

    Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes. I talked to his ped, who said it was most likely just a "crick" in the neck. We did motrin and light massaging of his neck yesterday and he's doing fine now. He's back to his normal self, thank goodness! Now I've gotten that nasty stomach thing that's going around... but that's another story! :(
  20. Tammy

    Tammy Senior Member Plus

    Oh thanks goodness..Glad to hear that he is better...


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