Looking for a VBAC friendly OB in Grapevine/Keller/Southlake

Discussion in 'Pregnancy and Childbirth' started by kcmom, Aug 3, 2010.


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  1. kcmom

    kcmom Senior Member

    area. Anyone have any suggestions for OBGYN's who are open to VBACs?

    I would prefer a female doctor but would be open to a male if I need to.



  2. KeishaG

    KeishaG Senior Member

    Hi, I'm in your area and also looking for the same thing. From what I've read (here on the DAM and just by searching around), Dr Gilda Cipriano is very VBAC supportive and delivers at HEB which I also think is supportive of them (maybe supportive is a strong word? But they are still allowed there). I believe she is with Bedford OB/Gyn or something similar to that. Google her name and you should find her. I'm not pregnant yet but we are trying for number 3 and if possible I'd love to try for a VBA2C so I have set up a consultation appointment with her to meet her and get her take on a VBAC. It's not until the end of the month but I can update on what I find out after meeting with her. :) Everybody seems to rave about her though, whether wanting a vbac or just a great ob/gyn.
    The only thing I didn't really care for is that she apparently rotates through all of the drs during you OB appointments so that you will get to meet all of them. My last dr was a single dr practice and I always saw her so we'll see how it goes.
  3. dianthe

    dianthe Senior Member Plus

    i've not had a VBAC but i know my OB is VBAC friendly - Dr. Julia Flowers, 817-481-5863 - she's in the professional building at Baylor Grapevine and delivers there as well
  4. Rach821

    Rach821 Senior Member Plus

    Dr. Flowers delivered my friend's baby about 7 months ago and she is wonderful! I'm not sure about her VBAC friendliness, but I just had to chime in on how great she was for my friend. Good luck!!
  5. Maria

    Maria Senior Member Plus

    So many VBAC questions lately...I love it!

    I would not really label any hospital in the area you named as being VBAC friendly, but some are more VBAC possible than others. Would North Richland Hills be an option for you? I have done VBACs there and can name on OB or two for you to consider. Overall I have also had good experiences at Baylor Grapevine, but most of the OBs there that even consider doing VBACs have pretty limited criteria. Once again, I would recommend really interviewing the OBs before signing on. I would be happy to PM you a list of questions to ask potential VBAC providers if you want some help thinking of things to ask.

    Of course Dr. Cummings at Presby Denton is not too far for you and might be well worth the drive. He is the OB king of VBACs.

    Oh, and join the local ICAN yahoo group. :) Lots more info on VBACs there.
  6. Carol77

    Carol77 Guest

    We are in the same boat. I'm 6 week pregnant and i spend last week searching for VBAC friendly ob-gyn. This is what i found, Dr Frederick P. Cummings (Denton) and Dr. Charles Downey (Richardson) are known for dortors who actually do vbac.... and the reviews on line are very good. I decided to go with Dr. Downey and i have my first appt for 16th. It looks like some doctors will tell you that they do vbac but later they will try to make you change your mind.
  7. Jeaninelf

    Jeaninelf Guest

    I second Dr. Cummings! He's a straight shot up 35 with no traffic! I heard him speak at my first ICAN meeting and fell in love with him. I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and going for a VBAC. We are using midwife Christy Martin in Hurst:o)
  8. kcmom

    kcmom Senior Member

    The only thing about Denton is it is too far from my office (Las Colinas). Thanks for all the suggestions. Maria, I will be pm'ing you for the list! Thanks so much. I'm not pregnant yet, so I have time! :) Thanks again!
  9. Camdynsmom

    Camdynsmom Guest

    I agree with Maria :) No matter the drive, Dr. Cummings is going to be the best chance of having a hospital VBAC. Lindsay Kragle at Harris Fort Worth is also great/very supportive of VBAC. Like Maria said, both HEB and Baylor Grapevine have pretty restrictive limitations that make VBAC harder at those locations.
    I've been told that Dr. Cipriano is not supportive of having a doula...I have a client who was thinking of switching to her, and her response about having a doula wasn't supportive at all.
  10. AmyD

    AmyD Guest

    Definitely Dr. Cummings. I had a vbac with him in February 2010. He is just so amazing. He ALWAYS gives you as much time as you want, his nurses are so friendly, and I took my son (10 months at the beginning of the pregnancy, 18 months at the end) to almost every appointment. My sister was due 4 months ahead of me, and we scheduled our appointments together every time, and her daughter (17 months when her son was born) came to every appointment too. So that means that for the last 4 months of my appointments, we had 2 toddlers and a newborn at every one! His nursing staff would play with them and hold them while we were being weighed, etc. Dr. Cummings let my son sit on my chest (above my belly!) while he did exams and the fetal HR. My husband loved him, and we had complete trust in him. Every time I'd ask him a question, he answered it the exact way I wanted him to...but just because that was the way he did things! For example, I got kind of nervous when I read that many vbacs require internal monitoring. When I nervously asked Dr. Cummings what kind of monitoring he did, he instantly said, "External intermittent." Not because he knew that's what I wanted to hear, but because that's how he handles monitoring! He was so caring and so genuine, but during labor, he seemed to know exactly what I needed. He was firm when he knew I needed it and gentle when I needed it. Overall, I couldn't have had a better experience. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat!


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