LEGO Store Birthday Party?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by JenandKids, Jun 29, 2009.


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  1. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    Has anyone had one there already?

    My DS has his next weekend.

    I was wondering what other's did for after the party. We were thinking we would just get a cookie cake and drinks up at the food court? Do they allow that?

    How was the actual party? Did you get the extra $5 per kid lego cups? or were the lego kits enough?


  2. aliciamh

    aliciamh Senior Member Plus

    i haven't been there, but can't wait to hear how it went!! i also wanted to add that we are planning on doing a cookie cake (cakes) for gage's party too!! :D
  3. Astreia

    Astreia Senior Member Plus

    ooh! That sounds fun!!
  4. Clandestine

    Clandestine Senior Member Plus

    My sister had one there for my nephew. I didn't go because my 2 year old started running a fever a few hours before the party. Everyone seemed to have a great time. They didn't get extra lego cups but they seemed to come home with quite a bit in their bags.

    After the party they went to the food court and had cake and drinks. I don't think they even bought anything at the food court. The borrowed my wagon to haul their ice chest and cake.
  5. Michelle&Danny

    Michelle&Danny Senior Member Plus

    Danny is invited to one - and the invitation says they are doing pizza at California Pizza Kitchen after the party.
  6. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    That is good to know!! I don't mind ordering the cookie cake from the mall- but I didn't want to buy a bunch of drinks at an inflated mall price!

    WOW! That would add up- I couldn't do that! :giggle
  7. Cherisse

    Cherisse Senior Member Plus

    you can do party special prices at california pizza. That probably what we will do for Doug's 2 nd bday in october.
  8. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    We had his birthday party on Sunday!

    It was nice! They set up two tables in the middle of the store, and the kids all build the lego sets you buy for them- We lucked out, the store was out of the magazines that go in the goodie bags, so they let the kids all fill a box with legos from the wall.

    The lady said that Stonebriar was completely booked for the rest of the year for their Sunday parties. If you were considering a Lego store party, I would call Northpark ASAP before they get booked up! They do not have Saturday parties, and the parties during the weekdays are done While the store is open...

    We bought pizza's from Sbarro's and brought a cooler of drinks and the cake. We set up table cloths and such in the food court. It worked out great! :thumbup
  9. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

    Thanks for posting this Jenn. Ian wants to have his 8th there.

    I'm wondering if I should do larger sets for older boys? It's just for one hour right?

    Would older kids get bored? We will have a couple 10 and 11 yo there.
  10. Tammy

    Tammy Senior Member Plus

    That's sounds like a lot of fun.. I bet my ds would love it.
  11. Piper McGee

    Piper McGee Senior Member

    my son had his 8th there. it was fun. we did the same thing - Sbarro's pizza, and brought a cake, party supplies, etc.

    the kids liked it, got to take home a Lego project, and we bought the $5 box to fill from the wall.

    I will say though that 2 kids RSVP'd that they would be coming, then didn't show up, so we spent $10 on the Lego kit plus $5 for the party favor per kid. so yeah, that was $30 we spent on kids that didn't show.
  12. texasamy

    texasamy Senior Member Plus

    Thanks for posting this, Jen!
  13. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

    I always have a kid or two that doesn't show - don't you hate that?

    But then I just pass along the stuff to friends at school that couldn't come or in this case I'm thinking I could use these as a bday gift companion.

    Six months to go and Ian already picked out the set he wants to make. We found a cool spider set that has 193 pieces. That should keep them busy!

    Piper - did you order Sbarro ahead of time? Did you order whole pizza's or by the slice depending on what the kids wanted?

    I also ordered a few mini sets for the cake topper. I found a cute cake online.

    All I have left to do is get a few girls sets. I'll do that in a few months. She said girls sets go really fast and there are just two small sets :(
  14. Caseymae82102

    Caseymae82102 Senior Member Plus

    wow that sounds awesome! i am in the midst of planning Michael's but already booked one elsewhere, had I known that Lego store did parties I would have been all over it Michael loves legos!
  15. Piper McGee

    Piper McGee Senior Member

    yes, we ordered and paid for the pizzas, whole, ahead of time, and gave them an estimated pick up time. we also bought bottles of water.
  16. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    I think the smaller sets will still be ok for 8 year olds. I know for our party, guests were not all on-time, and you do only have the one hour. If the kids get done early, they can go look around the store. The hour does go by fast.

    We had a couple of kids not show up too. I held on to their sets, but when my son returns back from his trip with the grandparents- I will let him go and buy something else and return them (two of them are girl sets)

    The girl sets do sell out fast! I had to drive down to North Park to get our girl sets. The lady who worked our party said that they do free ship to store- of course, no one offered that to me when I was told to drive to North park!!

    Sbarro's pizzas are $15 a piece- we ordered ours ahead of time, but they didn't have the order when I sent my husband up to get the tables ready. I would just double check with them about 20 min. before you head up to the food court. They did make them quickly and we had them at the table before the kids all got upstairs.
  17. Megan

    Megan Senior Member Plus

    Just thought I would let you all know that they are booked up all Sundays and Fridays through January. They do not book any parties in November and December due to the Holidays. Christian's b-day is Dec 6 and we are having his party on January 12;)
  18. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

    Thanks Jenn - fantastic info!

    What girl sets do you have Jenn? I was told they sell out super fast, they were sold out at

    We booked the last available Sunday in Jan. so now you have to get Feb and after. I've never had to do that before!
  19. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    I bought the Bellville dog sets. They have the horse one too.

    I had two of them left- but now only one since we will give a girl her's still when we get to see them :)

    Check with North Park. They had a good amount of both sets a few weeks ago- while Stonebriar didn't have any.

    It is crazy how far in advance they are booked up- but I guess only one party a day makes it more in demand!


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