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Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by happyasaclam, Jan 5, 2014.


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  1. happyasaclam

    happyasaclam Senior Member


    So on a whim I took a pic of my 10 yr old on the ipad and sent it in to the address above. A casting call of a t.v. Show.

    The next day I get a call from ONE SOURCE Talent in Dallas asking if I was the parent of----- and they would like to meet her. Gave me the address and invitation number to a place in Irving. They set an appointment for us this Monday at 7pm. I asked what do we need to bring?
    They said nothing we would like to meet with her.

    So I looked this place up

    Every single google review is negative!!!!
    Husband says, " it's a trick to get you in, then get you to fork over$$$$ for representation, not a real audition."
    I say, "what the heck, why can't we go and listen to their spiel just to see"
    he says, " why put her through this, it's just a scam, I don't want her feelings hurt, call and cancel."

    This is the first time I have done this. Didn't really expect a phone call the NEXT DAY!!!

    What would you do.


  2. happyasaclam

    happyasaclam Senior Member

    Okay, guess no one has had this experience before.
  3. Greensong

    Greensong Senior Member Plus

    Not quite the same, but when I was a kid I was flattered to be "approached" by talent agencies. It was always a scam - they wanted my money, saying I needed to take their classes, have them put together my portfolio, etc. I'd do as much research as I could before getting my kid involved.
  4. stefakee

    stefakee Senior Member Plus

    Oh yes, I've heard of them - scam scam scam.
    Especially if they are so quick to call.

    If you are looking for something real.. I'd talk with Kim Dawson or The Campbell Agency.

    If it seems "too good to be true" - it probably is ;)
  5. Bhaz03

    Bhaz03 Senior Member

    its a "you pay for everything" sort of deal....eventually, your kid may make it to something....but you will have to fork out lots of money upfront in order for the kid to do that.

    There were "auditions" one weekend in Alabama...they would look at your kids photo and look at your kid & than give out callbacks. My daughter got a callback but the callback was an informative parent meeting to tell us about how great an opportunity my kid could have if I paid up front to travel to yet another "audition" that would than give me another audition and so on and so forth....maybe eventually, it'll pay off...but not right away.

    The thing with most modeling & acting agencies...you have to have a lot of money to spend on getting your child "there"....
  6. zippity_38

    zippity_38 Senior Member

    Scam. Total scam. I used to work in film/video/advertising as well as in casting. Legit DFW agencies you can trust: Kim Dawson, Campbell, and Clutts (there are a few others, but I can't list them off the top of my head since I've been away from that line of work for a while).
    99% of the other listings or ads or calls for talent that you see like that are scams.

    If you're really interested, I can probably get you a comprehensive list of reputable agencies.
  7. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    not to hijack but anyone have any experience with "models actors and talent for Christ". i've wondered about them
  8. mustang67

    mustang67 Senior Member Plus

    I have a friend whose sons work for them and they are very happy!
  9. mommy to jesse

    mommy to jesse Senior Member

    My brother was a Kim Dawson model in Dallas for years as a child. You do NOT pay money to be a model. DO NOT give money to anyone. Even the time sounds fishy. They always worked normal working hours during the day. THEY send YOU money, when you start booking jobs. Not the other way around.
  10. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

  11. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

  12. zhonn

    zhonn Senior Member Plus

    You've been given good advice from others, but I'll add one more thing for your consideration. I modeled professionally for 11 years, and in all that time, I gained some experience working with children and other adult models. The culmination of all that experience led me to the decision that I would never pursue a career in modeling for my own children, both because of how I saw children treated and because of the overall impact of having a child's physical image be so important during their formative years.

    Acting is another story, of which I don't have personal experience. If I had a child with a real passion for acting I don't know if I would make them wait until they were adult to pursue it. However, I do think it still can be a very tough life for them in terms of image, competition, disappointments, etc.
  13. happyasaclam

    happyasaclam Senior Member

    Thank you ladies for all your input.
    I called and cancelled our appt for that Monday night.
    Just couldn't ignore all those negative reviews.
    Yes, my daughter has a friend who is a Kim Dawson kid.
    She has a legit career in commercials and print.
    She also has a very nice amount if cash saved up for college because of this.

    it just tickled my daughter when she had a fleeting vision of being the next
    Nickolodian kid!

    When they called to confirm our appt. they said make sure you come early for some head shots, and you can bring some of her friends too.

    ????? What?????
    I cancelled later on that day.
  14. shanrstewart

    shanrstewart Senior Member

    RUN!!!! Legit agencies sometimes don't call you back for months.


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