Kidd Kraddick just announced he and Carol are Divorced

Discussion in 'TV/Movies/Music/Books' started by matwiljonsmom, Aug 29, 2008.


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  1. matwiljonsmom

    matwiljonsmom Senior Member

    OMG... I just walked into the kitchen and Kidd was telling the listeners that he and Carol had divorced and has kept it a secret until to protect Caroline who is now off at College. I am so surprised. I actually stood there and cried for him. He didn't give details but said that they are still close and friends and are making sure Caroline is protected. He said he takes most the blame. He posted the blog on kidd nation.


  2. Tracey

    Tracey Senior Member Plus

    :jawdrop That is so sad. :(

    (and even more shocked that his little girl is old enough for I feel old!!!!!!!!!!)
  3. Brandie

    Brandie Senior Member Plus

    OMG!!! Wow! Thats so sad! :( I remember listening to bathtime with Caroline in Highschool...right there with ya on feeling old, Tracey...
  4. gabdommom

    gabdommom Senior Member Plus

    :yeah I remember when he was an annoying, immature DJ on the Eagle, waaay before he got married and had a child.

    This is soooo sad. :thumbdown :(
  5. Shananigans

    Shananigans Senior Member Plus

    Oh wow! That is so sad. I feel old though that Caroline is in college!
  6. ~Amy

    ~Amy Senior Member Plus


    I only get to listen every once in a while and was just wondering the other day how old his daughter was now. I know he use to mention his wife a lot and I hadn't heard him do that in a while, but I figured it was just I hardly got to listen anymore. That's sad though.
  7. Jenae

    Jenae Senior Member

    This is such sad news for me because I literally grew up listening to Kidd.
  8. nane

    nane Senior Member Plus

    OMG!!! :jawdrop :( i began listening to him when caroline was a 4 year old doing the sweetest sound bytes for her daddy that you have ever heard, and i continued listening all the way until i had miriam and stopped working/getting up early. that just makes me sick.
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  9. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

  10. Kristi

    Kristi Senior Member Plus

  11. 7isSufficient

    7isSufficient Senior Member Plus

  12. MamaCeleste

    MamaCeleste Senior Member Plus

    WHAT?? That's so sad :(
  13. Caseymae82102

    Caseymae82102 Senior Member Plus

    uhh who is that?
  14. rkirbie

    rkirbie Senior Member Plus

    I had no idea. I listen every morning (sorta at work) and didn't catch that at all. OMG! That is so crazy and when I heard that his dd went off to college I couldn't believe it. I also remember bathtime with caroline.
  15. gabdommom

    gabdommom Senior Member Plus

    He's the morning DJ on 106.1. I don't listen to that show, but he used to be a kind of smart-a$$ DJ on The Eagle, back when it was a top 40 rock station. I used to listen to him in high school - in the mid-80's. :bag He was funny and played lots of practical jokes on people. He mellowed out after he became a father, though. His partner on the morning show, Kellie, used to be married to Freddie Poole, who owns the martial arts studio next to our yoga studio. They got divorced while Kellie was pg with their daughter. Two painful family break-ups on that show. :(
  16. quester

    quester Senior Member Plus

    I started listening to Kidd when I moved to Dallas 11 years ago. He made me late for work more than once because I was so interested in what they were talking about that I would sit in the car and wait for a commercial.

    So sad about his divorce. Ash_V called me as soon as she heard it on the radio. I used to listen alot, but now that I'm not in the car as much I only get to hear a little bit here and there.
  17. RachelC

    RachelC Senior Member Plus

  18. lonestarmommy

    lonestarmommy Senior Member Plus

    I don't get to listen to them anymore, but was a faithful listener for years.
    You're so right, Tracey! Seems like Caroline just headed off to Kindergarten!
  19. sararas

    sararas Senior Member Plus

    :cry i dont know why this makes me so sad.
  20. Dina

    Dina Senior Member Plus

    that is sad :(

    Oh, that's Kellie's Freddie? I didn't know that.


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