Kelley Raspberry is divorcing Freddy.

Discussion in 'TV/Movies/Music/Books' started by matwiljonsmom, Nov 29, 2006.


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  1. matwiljonsmom

    matwiljonsmom Senior Member

    Who heard Kidd Kraddick this morning? Kelley announced that she and Freddy are getting divorced. :jawdrop She said they split when she was 6 months pregnant with Emma. She never said what led to the break up. I am so sad for that baby. I am also proud of Kelly she seems to be holding it together pretty good for her child. I hope for Emma's sake they can co parent her without doing damage to her emotionally. :( :cry


  2. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    Awww man! That's sad!
  3. Marci

    Marci Senior Member Plus

    Really? How sad....I wonder why!
  4. JustMe

    JustMe Senior Member Plus

    How terrible. Ugh.
  5. WendyH

    WendyH Senior Member Plus

    I heard it on my way to work this morning and was really shocked. I had no idea. (But then again, why would I.) I can't imagine anyone going through the last trimester of their pregnancy essentially alone. I feel for her and hope things work out as best they can.
  6. kelbel

    kelbel Senior Member Plus

    Wow, that is sad! I feel for that baby too. I can't imagine going thru those last few months alone either...
  7. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    Hopefully he was still there for her for the rest of the pregnancy even though they weren't "together". Maybe she will make a great single mom! :)
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  8. alisah

    alisah Senior Member Plus

    I heard that this morning too!
    It is really sad.....But her little Emma is darling...have you seen her?
  9. rkirbie

    rkirbie Senior Member Plus

    from what she was saying, it didn't sound that way. Her dad came over to put the crib together. I can't believe after all the years they had been together and after all they went through to get pregnant that they seperated before she even had the baby. To bad we will never probably hear what really happened. That is just awful. I am so sad for her.
  10. matwiljonsmom

    matwiljonsmom Senior Member

    I did see her first pictures on kiddlive. She is a cutie. I also noticed at the time there was only 1 or 2 pictures for Freddy and I thought that was odd. But now we know why.
  11. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    Oh really? I hate to hear that. :(
  12. Meg

    Meg Senior Member Plus

    Very sad. :(
  13. Kotasmom

    Kotasmom Senior Member Plus

    Wow. That was totally unexpected. I wonder if she just became too obsessed with becoming a mom and sort of neglected Freddy? How sad. Everyone seems to be divorcing lately - Kid Rock/Pam, Reese/Ryan, Brittney/K-Fed.
  14. Julia

    Julia Guest

    Very sad :(
  15. teachin_mama

    teachin_mama Senior Member Plus

    That totally doesnt surprise me in the least. I have *known* freddy via his ex wife and have met both he and surprises here.
  16. matwiljonsmom

    matwiljonsmom Senior Member

    So does that mean you know why they split....? [
  17. ChickieShannon

    ChickieShannon Senior Member Plus

  18. alisah

    alisah Senior Member Plus

  19. teachin_mama

    teachin_mama Senior Member Plus

    Oh, no. I havent seen them since the first time they were together......I believe he is a kind of self centered guy.....and Im not too sure if she's not similar(I really believe she is). Its been years, I was actually surprised when I heard they got back together.
    For those who havent seen the baby pictures:
  20. angie

    angie Senior Member Plus

    so sad :(


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