"Ju-Stringz" Eyebrow Threading

Discussion in 'Reviews and Recommendations' started by Chelsea, Nov 30, 2007.


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  1. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    I just did this yesterday at Collin Creek. It is just out in the middle of the mall.
    The girl did the tops of my eyebrows as a "free demonstration" (yes, it really was free) and it was so neat. It hurt less than tweezing to me and WAY less than waxing.

    Anyway, I got her flier thing so I thought I would share the info in case anyone else is interested...

    Parks Mall (Arlington)
    Hulen Mall (Ft Worth)
    Collin Creek Mall (Plano)
    Stonebriar Center (Frisco)

    * Full Face $25
    * Eyebrows $10
    * Eyebrows & Lip $12
    * Upper Lip $4
    * Chin $7
    * Side Burns $7
    * Forehead $5
    * Cheeks $5
    * Neck $5

    * Henna Tattoo $5-$25
    * Ear Piercing Free
    * Nose piercing Free

    Here is a myspace link for it... http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=262365293
    which seems cheesy but really it was cool and she did a good job! :)

    About eyebrow threading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threading_(epilation)
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  2. abowmer

    abowmer Senior Member Plus

    I am glad you posted about this b/c i was gonna. I saw it and was wondering if anyone had done it! I was shopping at stonebriar and saw it
  3. Kati

    Kati Senior Member Plus

    I have a coworker who likes to do that to all of us girls here at work (actually not me, cause my eyebrows are so light I need to keep mine). For free :)
  4. mickide

    mickide Senior Member Plus

    I did it last week at Grapevine Mills. I really liked it!! I would definately do it again. I had my eyebrows done and it was $10.
  5. Miz Nefer

    Miz Nefer Senior Member Plus

    I would love to have this done! I heard it doesn't hurt at all....but I'm no fool :lol I know pulling hair out of its follicales is just gonna hurt. But maybe just not as bad. HA! i'm thinking of doing my eyebrows. I hate tweezing. My eyes water and then I just can't see to do it. Go figure. Thanks for the info! :)
  6. evysmama

    evysmama Senior Member Plus

    Thanks for posting this! I SO need this done! So are they at all of the different malls every day? Or is it a kiosk?
  7. rkirbie

    rkirbie Senior Member Plus

    very cool. I would love to have this done. I can't wax because I have a horrible reaction to the wax, so this would be perfect. I never get it all when I do it on my own.
  8. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    Yeah, it does hurt...but just a little. And really almost not at all when you compare it to waxing.

    Michelle, it is a kiosk. At CC it was upstairs near the food court, near Gordon's jewelers.
  9. KristinRDHMS

    KristinRDHMS Senior Member Plus

    As I am a total psycho about my eyebrow shape, it would be SO hard for me to trust just anyone with them! Glad to hear you were happy with the job! I still flirt with the idea of flying out to CA to let Anastasia herself have a crack at my brows.

    I personally think that good eyebrows absolutely refine a plain-jane face and bad eyebrows can really detract from an otherwise pretty face.
  10. mothragirl

    mothragirl Senior Member Plus

    i need mine done! maybe i'll get drew to take us to collin creek next week.
  11. Chera25

    Chera25 Senior Member Plus

    How often does it need done?
  12. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    I don't know yet but something I read said evey 3 weeks or so.
  13. Rebecca

    Rebecca Senior Member Plus

    I'm with ya, Kristin! Let's fly out together!
    I used to be pretty happy with my brows, but I can tell that as my face ages, my brows are dropping, so I may need help sooner than later!

    I've always been curious about the threading, though! If I could totally trust someone to keep the shape right, I would definitely give it a try! :)
  14. mamacita

    mamacita Senior Member Plus

    Darn there arent any locations close enough to me. I love having my face threaded. My make up goes on so much smoother. Word of warning though...the facial threading hurts so much worse than just the eyebrow...it is seriously painful.
  15. Crystal A

    Crystal A Senior Member Plus

    I had my eyebrows threaded once in Carrollton. It was cool. The one thing I remember though, is being able to hear and feel each hair follicle pop out. Kind of creepy. But, it didn't hurt near as bad as waxing.
  16. ambhi

    ambhi Guest

    Alicia, I know a lot of ladies that do the threading out of their own homes.. as well as a few salons in several areas if you are interested.

    I am glad to see this in the malls though, that is awesome!
  17. Luisa

    Luisa Senior Member Plus

    Amber, I'm interested if you know anyone close to me (Park and Preston in Plano). I started seeing Zaibee in Feb of this year but shortly thereafter she started making changes to her business practices and I have not been happy with that.:thumbdown Please PM me if you have any info on threading near me.
  18. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    I want to do the whole face one but I am scared I will grow a beard or something after a few weeks. :rofl
    I know that's totally ridiculous. :bag
  19. Shananigans

    Shananigans Senior Member Plus

    I am going to do this! I love to have my eyebrows threaded instead of tweezed. Thanks Chelsea for the heads up!
  20. Laura_33

    Laura_33 Senior Member Plus

    Thanks for the info i want to try this i would love to have the whole face one but like you i am afraid of getting a beard :rofl


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