Is is possible to do an "even trade" on your vehicle?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by miss_mel, Feb 6, 2009.


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  1. miss_mel

    miss_mel Senior Member

    We have 2 cars- DH has a 2002 Ford F150 (which is paid off) and I have a 2007 Nissan Sentra- which I love, but never get to drive. We bought the Sentra thinking it would be more family friendly and it is good on gas. The problem is now DH has a really long commute to work everyday and I work from home, so I don't have to drive as much, so now he takes the car to work everyday and I'm stuck driving the truck.

    Well, I hate driving it, it is so hard to get Maddie in and out of the car seat (it has an extended cab and I have to climb in the back to strap her in), it is very big and hard to park......basically, it's driving me crazy.

    But, it is paid off, and we can't really afford another car payment right now. I wonder if it is possible to trade it evenly for something else that has around the same value? Has anyone done this before? Advice???


  2. Jackie

    Jackie Senior Member Plus

    i *doubt* you'd be able to get an even trade. You'd probably still owe SOMETHING at the end. Otherwise the dealership wouldn't be making any money off you.
  3. soccermama

    soccermama Senior Member Plus

    I think most people and dealerships are trying to sell for a profit. My dad has done even trades, but he's in the business of "classic" cars. Sorry I'm no help. Good luck though.
  4. Chrystyna

    Chrystyna Senior Member Plus

    You would have to find a car that cost less then the truck in order to make it work.
  5. slbrooks

    slbrooks Senior Member Plus

    You could try craigslist and see if anyone wants to trade you. You'd have to be a bit flexible in what you were looking for though. Not sure what you would do about the taxes part.


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