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Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by RenCareBear, Jun 2, 2011.


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  1. RenCareBear

    RenCareBear Senior Member Plus

    Burger's that is! :lol Who all has tried them and what was your experience like? Was the food really as good as people have said? We are trying to decide if we should try it out this weekend. I really don't want to wait in a long line if it isn't fabulous though. ;)


  2. MelissaV

    MelissaV Senior Member Plus

    I love it but all the one's i've had were not from here so i'm not sure what the experiance would be. I've been waiting till the hype dies down before DH and I go and grab some. He grew up near one and used to have them all the time growing up so he's super excited that they're in Dallas.
  3. JenniferT

    JenniferT Senior Member Plus

    We went to the Frisco one the first weekend it opened. I wouldn't say its worth waiting in line for, but its a good fast food burger. The fries on the other hand, not great. Order them well done so they'll at least be crispy. ;)
  4. momoftriplets+1

    momoftriplets+1 Senior Member Plus

  5. Jennifer Lauren

    Jennifer Lauren Senior Member Plus

    I've had them in Cali, it's good but not worth they hype of waiting in line.
  6. abbaby

    abbaby Senior Member

  7. djenya

    djenya Senior Member Plus

    I haven't had the animal style (I'm told it will change my mind) but I think their burgers are just ok. And the fries are horrendous.
  8. keahj

    keahj Senior Member

  9. allison4403

    allison4403 Senior Member

    is there still an hr long wait, all the time?
  10. laurachelle

    laurachelle Senior Member Plus

    I lived in CA. for awhile, so I'm a big In-N-Out fan. Will it be the absolute best burger you've ever had? Probably not. But, it is the best fast food burger, IMO. Most people aren't a big fan of the fries, but I happen to really like them. They have a less processed taste to me. Like, how potato fries should taste. IDK.

    I love love love their food, but I still waited until the lines died down. When I went, it was a 45min wait. It was no big deal. If you go during the week day, during irregular hours, you can get through in as little as 10 min.

    I also second the animal style cheeseburger. It's probably my favorite.
  11. stefakee

    stefakee Senior Member Plus

    I had it in Arizona a few years back.. nothing that I am foaming at the mouth for. I'd rather go to Whataburger with no wait, lol.
  12. laeta904

    laeta904 Senior Member

    Have never had it but ditto Stefakee! I may try it WAY after all the hype has died down, but it is really not worth it to me to wait in a line that is almost a mile long like we saw the other day.
  13. jdlott74

    jdlott74 Guest

    We haven't been there yet. We didnt' want to wait in line either. No burger is worth that much no matter how they are.

    FYI: If you're near one, a GREAT place to get a burger is Five Guys. They have two in Plano. One off of 75 and Spring Creek. The other is on Preston and Hedgecoxe, I think is the intersection. I consider it Frisco, but it's right on the border. It doesn't take long to get the food, and we will usually call ahead, order, go pick it up and save money by bringing it home and doing drinks at home. FYI: If you don't have a big appetite, get the REGULAR size fries. That is plenty for my husband, DD and I. The Large Fry is WAY too much.
  14. knittingmidwife

    knittingmidwife Senior Member

    The drive through line is still a little long, but I don't think it looked like it would take an hour. I went inside last week and there was no wait to order. Took about 10 minutes to get my food.
  15. riddikulus

    riddikulus Senior Member Plus

    I had one when I was in California a few years ago. Since I just like meat and cheese, I wasn't excited about it. I'd rather hit up Burger Street two blocks from my house than drive to North Dallas for it. Lol.
  16. Krystin

    Krystin Senior Member Plus

    I am from California and it is my favorite burger place I waited my whole pregnancy for it to open here...we went and the line was to ridiculous even to fill a pregnancy craving on a Sunday at 3 pm. We got whataburger instead. Its amazing but I don't think anything is worth waiting that long for.
  17. sarahintexas

    sarahintexas Senior Member

    My husband is from SoCal so we went and waited in line on opening day. (Hint: the liner seems to be shorter if standing rather than sitting in your car.) And we've been back. He wanted to go today, but I'm on hamburger overload.

    I get the double double animal style with animal style fries. That makes the fries passable in my opinion (they put on cheese, grilled onions, and spread, which is a combination of relish, mayo, ketchup, and - maybe? - something else). Animal style on the burger adds spread and grilled onions, and they cook the burger in mustard.

    I wouldn't wait more than an hour, but the one by my husband's parents' house south of LA has 20 or so minute waits on a normal day. Anyone else remember when Whataburger drive through waits used to be like that in the 1990s?
  18. Mommy's little quartet

    Mommy's little quartet Senior Member

    Went yesterday and I will stick with Jack in the crack. Burger was loaded with grease and had no flavor whatsoever and the fries tasted like cardboard. It was nasty and I will not go back. Scotty P's or Jack for us in the future. Fwiw I went to the one in Allen at about 2pm and there was a 30 minute wait.
  19. keahj

    keahj Senior Member

    No I was through the drive through in less than 15 minutes and the 1st time I went to the one in Frisco and inside took about 25 but that was over a week ago.
  20. RenCareBear

    RenCareBear Senior Member Plus

    I do like the Five Guys burgers, but can't have the fries since they are cooked in peanut oil. I wish I could try them though.

    Maybe we will wait a little while longer to try In-N-Out, I really don't want to wait 30+ minutes to get food. ;)


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