Ideas on How to Make Pregnancy Memorable

Discussion in 'Pregnancy and Childbirth' started by wizardofozzz, Nov 27, 2008.


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  1. wizardofozzz

    wizardofozzz Guest

    This is my second pregnancy and may be my last. Now that I'm sixteen weeks along, I'm feeling much better (as long as I take my Zofran). But, I'm not really enjoying this pregnancy like I wish I was. Until now I've been telling myself that I will wait to get excited until the level II sonogram, which is next week. I wanted to make sure the baby was viable and everything. I am also having a hard time "connecting" until I know if it's a boy or a girl.

    Now I'm able to feel it move (although Hubby does not believe me). He's a wonderful and supportive man, but he doesn't like to hear about the pregnancy because he's so worried that something will be wrong with the baby and our lives will be ruined. He'll be better after the baby is born (the same thing happened with our first). Meanwhile, I have to enjoy this all by myself.

    I've been taking belly pictures every week or so because that's what I really enjoyed looking back on with my first pregnancy. What else can I do? Nine months is such a short time and I may never be able to experience this again. I don't really want to do a belly cast, because it would be huge and what would I do with it. I'm not really one for journaling. My feelings are so personal and I hate reading it later.

    Any other ideas of how I can enjoy this pregnancy and make it more memorable?


  2. rockstarmommy05

    rockstarmommy05 Senior Member Plus

    I am kinda dealing with the same thing. This is the biggest surprise of all... and our third. I feel like we've done the 'girl' thing and done the 'boy' thing...

    And it has been nothing but complication after complication... I think when you have them close together it is awesome for you and them, but you kinda get used to being PG.

    Once the baby comes you and I both will feel just perfectly happy. Maybe it is just hormones afterall?

  3. Karri

    Karri Senior Member Plus

    I got all nostalgic looking at my preggie pics last night. I felt kind of eh throughout the pregnancy, but now that I have Imogene who I treasure, it's nice to look at the pics and remember when she was still inside me, knowing who she is now. If that makes sense.

  4. Maria

    Maria Senior Member Plus

    A professional maternity photo shoot is a great idea. The photographer will make you and your belly look stunning and glowing. May even make you want another belly when you look back at the pics!


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