How much for yard work?

Discussion in 'Home Matters' started by Monette, Oct 4, 2006.


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  1. Monette

    Monette Guest

    If you have someone that comes regularly to mow/edge your lawn how much do you pay, if you don't mind sharing please?
    I just paid $40 for 2 men who have their own business doing this stuff to mow/edge/blow our front yard. He doesn't have set prices but would rather you pay what you think it's worth.

    Our backyard is a jungle right now (thanks to a lazy dh) and weeds are 3ft high. It's a big backyard so I expect to pay a lot for that. Put it this way, once he saw it he said, "oh my god". :lol 4 hrs work he said.
    We have a rider mower but the kids took the key and it's around the house somewhere. Tim will have to get gas for the thing and try using a flathead screwdriver to get it started. Hopefully that'll work and save us some $$. They are coming tomorrow to hack/mow/edge/blow tomorrow and it will cost us $150. ouch.


  2. Jenna

    Jenna Senior Member Plus

    My dad uses some guys and its 25-30 for both front and back yard.
  3. kelbel

    kelbel Senior Member Plus

    We pay $45 a month (they come every other week). That includes mowing, edging & weeding.
  4. DallasMommies

    DallasMommies Senior Member Plus

    $25 to mow, edge, weed-eat the front and back yard. Trimming the hedges is usually an extra 15-20, depending on how long it's been :bag. In the spring, a full cleanup job is about $150.
  5. Julia

    Julia Guest

    We pay 30.00 and we pay extra during the pruning times of the year. We pay a little extra for picking up leaves a couple times a year also.
  6. Melissa

    Melissa Senior Member Plus

    I need to find someone for next year. Mike loves to do yardwork but not when it is 150 outside :lol - I usually hear about $25
  7. Danielle

    Danielle Senior Member Plus

    We pay $20 a week for mow, edge and blow.
  8. Susan

    Susan Senior Member Plus

    I pay 15 a week for four guys to come mow, weed-eat, edge and blow everything off. Of course we don't have a big yard either but there is plenty of things to weed-eat and edge.
  9. Melissa

    Melissa Senior Member Plus

    Who do you use?
  10. Tasha

    Tasha Senior Member Plus

    I need the name of some of these people! I know J likes to do it himself, but really - we both work just let someone else do it!
  11. Laura_33

    Laura_33 Senior Member Plus

    Oh i would love to know some of these guys names and numbers too my hubby is always saying he will get to the yard when he is off but its seems to only be at night and then he doesnt get to it. so we could really use someone but he will not pay much he is cheap lol most of your prices sound good.
  12. hollyf

    hollyf Senior Member Plus

    I have a big front and back yard and we pay our guy $25 and he comes out every other week!
  13. Susan

    Susan Senior Member Plus

    We use Ostrander I said...15.00 for front,side and back..mow, edge, weedeat and blow everything off. We dont have a big yard and they have most of the houses on my street so I'm sure that affects their price.
  14. jill0221

    jill0221 Senior Member Plus

    We pay $25 every week to mow, edge and blow. It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes -- 3 guys.
  15. ambhi

    ambhi Guest

    We pay 20 and they mow, edge and blow and done very quickly as well. I think there are 2-3 guys. We do it every other week, you just gotta tell them to cut it shorter and be sure to get water to it afterwards.
  16. kristin

    kristin Senior Member Plus

    We very rarely hire it out... but when it was 105 everyday... my husband paid a guy $35 to mow, edge, and bag our front and back yard.
  17. Cami

    Cami Senior Member Plus

    WE pay a teenager $20.00 for the front and back.
  18. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    We use Eden Landscape.
    We pay $25 each time they come. They mow, weedeat and blow the front and back yards. They come with 3-4 workers and get it knocked out in 10-15 minutes.
  19. Stefani

    Stefani Senior Member Plus

    Hey Monette: Cullen mows yards in our neighborhood...He charges $25.00 to mow/edge/blow...Oh, and he's a good weed puller too;) Let me know if you are interested:) $40 seems REALLY high to me for your front yard.
  20. Monette

    Monette Guest

    Tim's got a friend coming next weekend to help with the backyard. I found the key to the rider mower but the gas line is broken. He will get a replacement.
    How would Cullen get over here?


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