How much do custom cakes usually cost?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by Becca, Jul 25, 2008.


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  1. Becca

    Becca Senior Member Plus

    I went to a bakery yesterday to order a birthday cake for Jack, I wamted a cowboy hat shape to feed about 30 people. They quoted me $200! That is more than my wedding cake cost, and that one was covered in fresh berries and fed 100!

    They told me a 10x10, undecorared one layer square would be $45!

    Is that bakery just super expensive or are those normal prices?


  2. MrsBlueEyes

    MrsBlueEyes Senior Member Plus

    I would go talk to people at various Walmarts and Krogers. Often they can do a custom cake at a Walmart/Kroger Price
  3. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    I have a friend who used to make custom cakes.
    She would charge $75-$100ish and they were beautiful.
  4. skyfiregrl

    skyfiregrl Senior Member Plus

    i have a friend that is the decorator at a grocery store in mckinney, i dont think they charge nearly that much.
  5. Susan

    Susan Senior Member Plus

    45 for an undecorated cake is high IMO. What were you looking for exactly? Costco makes a good basic cake. I used the Cake Lady in Richardson for Seth's 4th bday.
  6. Becca

    Becca Senior Member Plus

    Ok, I was expecting around $75. I don't want a "walmart" cake but I didn't realize they did custom stuff.
  7. Becca

    Becca Senior Member Plus

    ideally I want a cowboy hat, either on top of A square cake, or the entire thing a 3-d hat.
  8. Mommy2ArmyBrat

    Mommy2ArmyBrat Senior Member Plus

    I think the only way to can get a GREAT custom cake for less than $100 is knowing someone. Jaron's cake was $130 this year and it was the cheapest cake he has ever had. It was just a one layer cake. Good Luck!
  9. ~Amy

    ~Amy Senior Member Plus

    I paid $80, I think, for Haley's cake last year. $200 is way too much IMO.
  10. evysmama

    evysmama Senior Member Plus

    $200 does sound like a lot to me, although I think anytime you get into custom shapes, even for a flat layer cake, it gets expensive. Have you tried Central Market? I used to work there and some of the decorators there are amazing.
  11. Shanyn

    Shanyn Senior Member Plus

    That seems like a lot of $ but I know when you are talking about special shapes and stuff the price goes up. When I was looking for Xander's cake for his birthday I was quoted $175 for a treasure chest one. That's why I ended up doing cupcakes. LOL
  12. Kyle&Kaden

    Kyle&Kaden Senior Member Plus

    I usually pay between $75-$100 for custom cakes.
  13. Jackie

    Jackie Senior Member Plus

    that sounds price for a basic cake, but if you want a 3d hat, it sounds right about what i'd expect.
  14. ChristinaChic

    ChristinaChic Senior Member Plus

    The only person I knew that did these at a reasonable price (and were AMAZING) no longer can :cry I hope she is able to again someday :fingcross

    I'd think between $100-$200 sounds about right (although it still sucks). The one I just did for the last baby shower I had was over $100 and it didn't have anything 3d or was fondant....but it was wonderful. I got it from the Cake Stand in McKinney and they did it perfectly.
  15. Luisa

    Luisa Senior Member Plus

    Yeah for a 3D custom cake I'm not surprised they quoted you $200. I paid $70 for Stella's cake and it was a single layer round cake (no fondant) with polka dots; it fed 30, I think....stoooopid!

    Thayer, send me that cake info, too, please.:)
  16. Luisa

    Luisa Senior Member Plus

  17. cadencolemom

    cadencolemom Senior Member Plus

  18. Ash_V

    Ash_V Senior Member

    Yep, that's an accurate number. Hypothetically, for a 3D cowboy hat cake, I'd have to back 3 10" ovals and make them tall... then I'd have to start carving cake away (and that's MESSY MESSY MESSY and it makes me cranky cranky cranky). Then, I'd have to ice it and refrigerate it for a few hours to make sure it was solidy enough to cover in fondant. I've seen them done in buttercream, but they always look crappy, so fondant it is. So, after said cake is refrigerated, I'll pull it out of the fridge, roll out my fondant, and try like hell to get the whole thing covered in one piece before the fondant starts ripping. Oh, and I forgot the best part. 5 days before the cake is even due, I'd have started making gumpaste to make the brim of the hat. I'd roll is to 1/4" thickness, find something to help the brim retain its shape, then let it dry somewhere for 4-5 days praying for no rain or humidity that would cause it to sag. Fast forward to after the fondant job... I'd transfer the top of the hat to the brim and pray that it doesn't break the one and only rim I've made. Then, add the ribbon and whatever accents the hat needs. Then, decorate the board.

    Also, with the way food has risen these days (even in just the last year), if I was still doing cakes (which I'm not), my prices would have easily risen almost $1 per serving from minimum charges.

    So, in summary, yes, I think it's a fair price.
  19. TwinmomPlusOne

    TwinmomPlusOne Senior Member Plus

    One of the nurses I work with makes them on the side. She made a smaller replica of my wedding cake for $45. I would bet a 3D large cake would be more like $100 or so, but $200 sounds high.
  20. Ash_V

    Ash_V Senior Member

    I just reread my post and it sounds snarky. Not meaning it to be at all... just wanted to show how it works from the bakery end. Also, please note that cakes from licensed bakery are generally more than one you'd get from a home baker. Home bakers just don't have the costs associated with bakeries. I know this b/c I used the be a home baker :) It's all profit when you're a home baker (minus ingredients, of course), vs. being at a bakery and having rent, bills, insurance, taxes, wages for employees, etc.

    Just a thought.

    Now, that said, I wouldn't pay $200 for a birthday cake (b/c I could make it myself), but I know plenty of people who have and don't bat an eye. It really all depends on what you're comfortable spending.

    Good luck! :)


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