How do you get tape residue off of a stainless steel

Discussion in 'Home Matters' started by CPStechmom, Mar 20, 2006.


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  1. CPStechmom

    CPStechmom Senior Member

    refrigerator without damaging the surface? I have tape gook all over the front of mine and don't have hours to scrape it all off with my nails IYKWIM. Thanks!


  2. Shannon

    Shannon Senior Member Plus

    Goo Gone!
  3. CPStechmom

    CPStechmom Senior Member

    I thought about that....but then I thought it would be too strong for the SS surface. Hmmm..ok, I'll try it. Thanks!
  4. jill0221

    jill0221 Senior Member Plus

    Maybe try vinegar. Worked great on price tag goo on china.
  5. Marion

    Marion Senior Member Plus

    I was gonna say Goo Gone. I don't think it will be too harsh on a refrigerator.
  6. Tracey

    Tracey Senior Member Plus

    Alcohol wipes? Would that be too harsh??
  7. laurachelle

    laurachelle Senior Member Plus

    Didn't someone post something last week about peanut butter removing tape residue?
  8. RyliesMomma

    RyliesMomma Senior Member Plus

    :yeah It actually works too!
  9. Shananigans

    Shananigans Senior Member Plus

    I was going to say Goo Gone too. Also nail polish remover works pretty well...but I'd make sure it's the non acetone type.
  10. CPStechmom

    CPStechmom Senior Member

    Thanks ladies. I especially liked the peanut butter suggestion. :bounce Delicious!
    Goo gone worked....but I was sweating bullets until I was sure it didn't damage the surface. I tried it in an itsy bitsy spot on the bottom and it appears fine.
  11. Cyndie

    Cyndie Senior Member Plus

    I love that Goo Gone! I use it on everything, even on Riley once to get one of those 'tattoos' off his arm!
  12. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    alcohol or baby oil, just soak it real well and then scrape off. also straight dish soap without any water should work


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