Help with indoor places for Bridal Portraits

Discussion in 'Hobbies and Interests' started by Kandiloo, Mar 19, 2007.


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  1. Kandiloo

    Kandiloo Senior Member Plus

    I am doing the pics this Saturday and it is the only day that we can. There is threat of rain. We are looking for a place indoors that also has a nice outdoor area in case the sun shines.

    The bride is very fun loving and likes a little less traditional. She seems pretty contemporary. But at the point, we may take anything.

    She was looking at the Crowe Collection of Asian Art but the photography is very limited and no flash. I don't think the lighting will work.

    Please help me brainstorm. :)

    Thank you!


  2. Jamie

    Jamie Senior Member Plus

    Can you take photos at the Dallas Museum of Art? I can't remember. Right across the street from the Crowe Art you mentioned. So two choices close by. And then you will also have the Nasher right there if it is sunny.
  3. Kandiloo

    Kandiloo Senior Member Plus

    Nope. At least no flash. I was there recently. :( Man, I wish I knew someone who owned a cool big night club or something that I could use before it opened. Or a loft. Man, I am racking my brain. Hard to do with a nonstop talking little girl next to me and taking care of a sick me and ds. :lol
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Senior Member Plus

    Now you have me thinking.
  5. momof4kiddos

    momof4kiddos Senior Member Plus

    I know the owner of the Candleroom, but I have NO idea what it looks like inside. I could pm you his email address if you want. Also, what about Hotel ZaZa...even the lobby is pretty cool. Also, you could call the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau. They can send a request out to all members. And, they can just give you ideas. If you go to their website,, you might find some ideas. They used to have a link called "50 Free Things to do in Dallas". I used to work in this industry, in case you are wondering...ha-ha! I'll let you know if I think of something else.
  6. laurachelle

    laurachelle Senior Member Plus

    The Gaylord Texan would be perfect. :)
  7. TeriMomOf4

    TeriMomOf4 Senior Member Plus

    I was thinking Gaylord also.
  8. HollyGirl

    HollyGirl Senior Member Plus

    I have seen very nice ones from inside The Meyerson. I have no idea if it has an outdoor area.
  9. 3fishies

    3fishies Senior Member

    My niece and SIL had their's done at the Meyerson and they were BEAUTIFUL. My guess though is that they have a fee and appt schedule. But you might look into that.
  10. Chera25

    Chera25 Senior Member Plus

    But the Gaylord is crazy, expensive for Photographers, isn't it? A little easier to get away with shooting your kids/friends than a bride! lol

    Hmmm, I could get you inside an ice-rink, but it's not very pretty! :lol

    Good luck! What about a church or a mall? Willowbend is kinda pretty inside... :)
  11. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    We got married at North west Bible on loop 12 and the tollway- it has great looking natural rock walls in the sanctuary and some nice landscaping outside.
  12. *Milk-Fairy*

    *Milk-Fairy* Senior Member

    The Myerson is about $100 for two hours (it might have gone up since I was there last, thought not shooting a bridal)

    can't help you otherwise-sorry! brides are definitely not my usual :)
  13. jewelrylady

    jewelrylady Senior Member Plus

    I love photos done at Hotel ZaZa. A friend just had hers done there and they turned out gorgeous. How about the Melrose? There is an old Methodist church across from the Melrose that I've seen beautiful pictures done.
  14. Kandiloo

    Kandiloo Senior Member Plus

    Great ideas ladies. I don't charge enough to even afford the fee of many places. I would be PAYING to do the photos. :lol
  15. laurachelle

    laurachelle Senior Member Plus

    Sorry. I re-read your post and seeing that you want something more contemporary. Hmm.... I seem to remember the Magnolia hotel in Dallas being pretty contemporary. At least the rooms were anyway. Maybe even a really urban spot with lots of grafitti could look cool. But, I guess that wouldn't be a good place to protect against rain. Geez, I dont know. I hope yu find something.
  16. TeriMomOf4

    TeriMomOf4 Senior Member Plus

    What about someplace at FairPark? The art deco buildings are really cool looking and if the weather is nice, there are some pretty spots on the grounds also.
    The Bath House at White Rock Lake? I don't know if that would work or not.

    Is there a place at one of the universities?
  17. IansMommy

    IansMommy Guest

    What about the Angelika theatre? I did a photo shoot there (art directing) a few years back and they were VERY nice and accommodating. The manager at the time (not sure if they're still there) let us come early before the theatre's first showing. They were setting up concessions, etc. We shot for about an hour...

    And, as I recall, they didn't charge us anything...

    ALSO -- that same day we shot at the Starbucks in West Village. It has some mod furnishings...a neat mosaic horse at the entry and barstools that look very contemporary. I wish I had some of those shots so you could see...

    I just art directed...I wasn't the photographer...

    I also did some stuff the next day outside at the Quadrangle. There was a garden / nursery there by the old Legacy Trading Company with a little tiny terrace...Worked very well...somewhat shady...and there are other angles and stairs and neat architecture at the Quadrangle to shoot at.

    This was for fashion stuff/catalog work...but still...

    Everyone that I asked permission ahead of time was very accommodating. The garden place asked for copies of the pictures...other than that, we didn't pay anything.


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