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Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by Shivani, Jul 7, 2004.


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  1. Shivani

    Shivani Guest

    Just wondering if u guys have one in ur backyard ?
    how much do u actually use?
    any preferences wood vs/ metal vs/ plastic
    Any Recommendation !!!
    I have gone over the websites etc and am totally confused. :duh
    thanks !!!!!
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  3. Maggie_K

    Maggie_K Guest

    You might want to consider starting with an inexpensive WalMart. Then, if it gets a lot of use you can advance to a nice wood one with a fort and all.(My favorites). Some childrem seem to enjoy them more than others...
    At this time we have a couple of Little Tykes climbing toys with slides..that we picked up used. So far, for my 18 month old and three year old, that works fine.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Kelly_B

    Kelly_B Guest

    I want a large playset for the girls w/ a "treehouse". We have a large yard but since we may move in the near future I'm waiting to buy for the new house. If your kids are small then stick to the little climbing sets. But if you want a large one then wait till the kids are at least 2 - 3 yrs. old depending on how well they are able to climb & slide, etc. on their own.

    I have a friend who has a really nice playset but the kids rarely play outside due to their yard facing the West - always in the sun. That is one of our issues on not going in our backyard very much during the summer.

    You may also want to check Ebay for the DFW area. I normally see a lady in Allen always selling Little Tykes stuff. You never know what you may come across.
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  5. bidetkitty

    bidetkitty Guest

    we started out with a little tykes climbing set called "pooh's treehouse" - the kids loved it. then as gord got older and wanted something bigger, we got them a metal swingset. under $100 and they loved it. it had a slide, a double swing thing, 2 single swings and a trapeze. and so much other stuff that the yard looked like sanford & son. just got a huge fort for them yesterday that has a split level treehouse, sandbox underneath, climbing "tree", huge wavy slide, swing set, monkey bars, trapeze, ladders, etc. freecycled the old metal set, the little tykes stuff and everything else back there. the yard looks so much better, and this thing has something for the ages of all of my kids. we have lots of shade in our backyard, so even though it's hot, it's not unbearable for them. if you're going to be here for a while, may as well get something that they can grow into.
  6. Shivani

    Shivani Guest

    Thankyou Ladies!
    Kelly i hadn't even thought the sun, ebay is great isn't it yes i have been lookin tht up...
    I have been looking at websites to get ideas ,Maggie i did check the little tikes web site step 2 has one two..
    Christine i hae been very tempted to get the wooden playset which one did u get..and did u get someone to install it for u...We are going to be in Plano for atleast 3 yrs and my babe's whole reason for being at this point is so she can go swingin and slidin lol ..
    Right now the park is in front of our apt so i guess she is spoilt.My concern with all the sets is bacially how permanent are the in ur yard like if u move can u take it with u.and i have been hearing about spinters for wooden sets and rusting for metal ones ..
  7. bidetkitty

    bidetkitty Guest

    we got the huge one at sam's. we're not going anywhere, so it'll pay for itself. it doesn't need to be cemented into the ground or anything, so i guess if you move you could take it with you. it'd be a pain in the rear, though. it's huge. took 2 contractors 8 hours to get the whole thing together. so unless you and your husband are more patient than me and my husband, it'll have a cost involved with installation (and break down when you move). the only thing that is good for a baby is the sand box underneath the fort, because it's shaded. if your kid's a climber and you're immune to heart attacks (lol), he/she could climb the ladder into the fairly high fort and go down the very high slide. you could also add a baby swing to it easily. my oldest just turned 6, and he will be figuring out new stunts with this thing for several more years. he mastered monkey bars yesterday, and now he's trying to figure out how to get on top of them so he can scramble up into the trees. eek!


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