HELP! Bras for big boobs

Discussion in 'Pregnancy and Childbirth' started by cbcraw, Apr 21, 2008.


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  1. cbcraw

    cbcraw Senior Member Plus

    I need serious help with a bra problem.

    When I'm not pregnant I'm a top heavy 34 or 36 DD. When I was pregnant with Caleb I got up to a 38G or 38DDDD (same thing). Oh my gosh that is big and heavy and just tooooo much boobs. I am now probably close to the G part again with this pregnancy but I pulled out the bras from my last pregnancy and they are too big around. They are all 38s so I guess I was bigger around back then (I lost a little weight after Caleb). So here is the problem. I can't find that size around here and even when I found some 38Gs at Lane Bryant last pregnancy they really weren't comfortable, they were kind of scratchy and another drawback is they aren't nursing bras :(. I ended up ordering some Medela nursing bras off of ebay which were way more comfortable but they weren't very supportive at all. Anyone out there been hit to many times by the booby fairy wand like me that wants to share who has good supportive comfortable bras nursing or not in size huge? I really need some help :) I need comfortable, supportive, locally available so I can try them on bras. Really I don't think this is too much to ask right? A girl should have the right to a good fitting bra :)


  2. Spluloacle

    Spluloacle Senior Member Plus

    I was going to suggest Lane Bryant. I gave up on having an actual nursing bra and went with more support. I love their cotton bras and I love the balconette underwire one is cool too.
  3. maternus.aeternum

    maternus.aeternum Senior Member Plus

    bravado's are great for large chested women
  4. cbcraw

    cbcraw Senior Member Plus

    Rena, thanks I might try a differnt type at Lane Bryant but when I was there before they didn't have many in the really big sizes so I didn't have much choice. They suggested ordering them online but I hate to order soemthing I can't try on KWIM?

    Amba, thanks but what is bravodo? More info please.
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  5. tinyblackdot

    tinyblackdot Guest

    I didn't like my bravado bra very much. Try here...

    Im a 34DD regularly, and i was a 36G while i was nursing, and i never did find a comfortable bra with good support. Oh also you might want to go to Nordstroms, i just got some new bras from there not too long ago, and i was asking them about nursing bras and they said they carry all sizes! HTH!
  6. PattyS

    PattyS Senior Member Plus

    Becky, I feel your pain! I'm past all the nursing days though.
    A friend of mine shares this problem too. I can't remember right now, but she
    found a great source. She went and tried them on locally, then ordered them
    thru the mail. She's about the same size, and nursing too! I've email her and I'll
    forward her info when she answers.
  7. Purple

    Purple Senior Member Plus

    Anita bras are comfy. Nordstrom has them. Some of them have underwire...that's a concern for me, but for other it might not be.

    A friend of mine sent me 7 brand new bras from and they're great. They have the Anita microfiber bra in your is seriously the most comfortable bra I've ever put on.

    I like the Bravado Original, but I hate the supreme. It is uncomfortable and cumbersome... :(
  8. Luisa

    Luisa Senior Member Plus

  9. tendaironi

    tendaironi Senior Member Plus

  10. cbcraw

    cbcraw Senior Member Plus

    Thanks ladies I might go to Nordstrom and see what they have. I appreciate the online sources but I'm just not sure I'm ready to shell out $30 to $60 for something I can't even try out in person.

    Thanks Patty let me know what you find out...I really want to try some before I buy.
  11. cbcraw

    cbcraw Senior Member Plus

    Tendai that was hilarious!!!!! I can so see me wearing that with my big size G jugs all hanging out :) That mental picture made my day...well and then made me sort of sick ;)
  12. tendaironi

    tendaironi Senior Member Plus

    Cameo Coutures, Inc.
    • Dallas, TX 75247
    • 1 (214) 631-4860
    Custom-made large bras. Expensive (about $50) but comfy. Well-made and long-lasting. No underwires. RAVE reviews from customers. Supposedly can make nursing bras too.
  13. gabdommom

    gabdommom Senior Member Plus

    The Maddox Shop in Casa Linda can fit you. They have nursing bras and can also convert other bras into nursing bras for you. I buy all my bras there. I've always been a G cup or larger.
  14. tendaironi

    tendaironi Senior Member Plus

    The Nursing Baby
    [SIZE=-1]The Nursing Baby offers information and support for breastfeeding mothers as well as breastfeeding products. Carries breast pumps, breastfeeding accessories, baby slings, nursing pillows and clothes, nursing bras and nursing pads, breastfeeding creams, galactagogues for milk supply, and many more items to enhance the breastfeeding relationship. "We specialize in low price nursing clothes (dresses, breastfeeding tops, nightgowns, and shirts) which are stylish and affordable." Owner reports that they carry nursing bras from 32B to 50J (special order) and have nursing tops/dresses to size 3x. About 25% of their customers are plus-sized. [/SIZE]
    Two Texas Belles
    Info about Jeunique Bras, available to size 46KK. Also carries a pregnancy support garment.

    Got this info from Clothing FAQs/PlusMat_Nursing.html
  15. ivymomof2

    ivymomof2 Guest

    I am 36DD to a 38DD and I wear Layne Bryant. I also know of a shop in Dallas (Casa Linda area) called The Maddox Shop which does custom bra's. Not sure what the prices are but I got my bridal undergarments from there and they fit perfect!
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  16. tendaironi

    tendaironi Senior Member Plus

    whew! What a relief, I thought you might not find it as funny as I did at the time lol!

    Seriously I have an older friend who cut out all the nipple parts on her old bras instead of buying a nursing bra.
  17. Ambrosia

    Ambrosia Guest

    This totally cracked me up! :lol

    I apparently got in the booby fairy's line at least 3 times. I thought I was getting in the "beautiful skin" fairy's line or the "big puppy-dog eyes" fairy's line, but it was the booby fairy, over and over. :lol

    I don't have any recs for you but I'm flagging this thread. With my last pregnancy, my nuring bras were the most unsupportive and saggy things. I'd prefer to have something much better this time. I'm a 38DD regularly.
  18. PattyS

    PattyS Senior Member Plus

  19. cbcraw

    cbcraw Senior Member Plus

    You guys are all great thanks!
  20. Kotasmom

    Kotasmom Senior Member Plus

    Thank you for this thread! I just ordered a bra from tonight, so we shall see if I like it when it comes in.


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