Has anyone tried the HCG diet?

Discussion in 'Weight Loss' started by JenniferM, Feb 17, 2011.


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  1. JenniferM

    JenniferM Senior Member Plus

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  2. laurachelle

    laurachelle Senior Member Plus

    Regardless of my feelings on the HCG diet, I would definitely not recommend it for someone with a past history of eating disorders. The diet is basically starvation (which could potentially stir up old anorexia tendencies), while taking hormones. You eat a maximum of 500 calories a day. So, you pretty much have to severely limit your food and calorie intake. Of course you will lose weight. I mean, that's a given. If anyone eats only 500 calories a day, they are going to lose weight. The HCG has been discussed here before, and I think some women managed to keep the weight off. Most of the ones I personally know, have gained it all back, and then some. Some feel like have lasting thyroid/hormone problems as a result of the diet.

    If you're willing to make that much effort in watching what you eat, I would suggest more of a Paleo type diet. You can lose a lot of weight by cutting out carbs, sugars and grains. I'm actually doing more of a "slow carb" diet now (from 4 Hour Body), and have lost about 7lbs. in a week and a half. Or consider joining weight watchers.
  3. achickrmt

    achickrmt Senior Member

    I agree with above post. This is a diet that can very easily cause someone with past eating disorders to lapse into anorexia. It also can have long term side effects on your hormones if not done properly and under medical supervision. I have found that counting calories and using a website like FatSecret helps me immensley when I am trying to diet. I am being held accountable to others in regards to my weight and it puts you in teams with the same goals or challenges you might want to join. I find it's a great motivation tool.

    I did weight watchers several years ago and it's also a great program. I ended up getting knocked up because it worked so well.

    Drastic weight loss in a short amount of time is not healthy for anyone's heart, so please proceed with caution if you choose HCG.
  4. Deb

    Deb Senior Member Plus

  5. JenniferM

    JenniferM Senior Member Plus

    Sorry, I did a search but couldnt get any results for HCG because it is too short.

    Do you think the HCG that you put under your tongue is weaker than the injections? I already ordered it :lol I had called a clinic that did them and it was pretty pricey. It was $300 for the first session and then $100 a week for 12 weeks. It did include a medical doctor exam with bloodwork and ekg. They also did b12 shots. She said it was safe while bf'ing.

    The diet would be strict, but easy. Matt is already eating basically this diet because of all of his allergies. He eats only fish or shrimp and veggies. So eating only fish and veggies will be easy. My big problem is that I snack all day while at my desk. I also eat stuff the kids eat like mac and cheese and veggie chicken nuggets. I eat a lot of gluten. Maybe I will try the gluten free diet and take a low dose of the HCG. The one thing that scared me was the no alcohol :lol I drink a glass or two of wine every night.

    I have always thought I had thyroid problems. My mom has for years and just had hers removed in Dec. I had a physical in Dec and they said mine was fine.
  6. Susie

    Susie Senior Member Plus

    No advice but good luck :hug
  7. laurachelle

    laurachelle Senior Member Plus

    Wait. You're breastfeeding and they told you it was safe? You need WAY more than 500 calories when you're nursing.

    If you have a family history of thyroid problems, then I would strongly suggest you go that route first. But, make sure you find a good Dr. Many of them are clueless and don't do all the necessary testing. stopthethyroidmadness.com is a good place to start for more info.

    As for gluten free. I dropped 20 lbs very shortly after going GF. Fyi, gluten intolerances and thyroid issues often go hand in hand. I also dealt with thyroid issues prior to going GF.
  8. nikkilou

    nikkilou Senior Member Plus

    I considered it and then backed out. I couldn't really justify myself doing that unless I was severely overweight. I think my main problem was that I wanted the extra pounds off to feel pretty. So for the money I was going to spend on that, I went and did boudoir photos instead. A big difference and worth the money. I also cut out sodas/anything really sweet and I'm careful about the sweets. I have dropped 3 pant sizes since I started that and I've lost 10 pounds.

    I wish you luck, but I am weary about the calorie intake since you are breastfeeding. I hope it works for you and you get the results that you like though. Maybe I will try it in the future.
  9. Nikki

    Nikki Senior Member Plus

  10. ForneyMom

    ForneyMom Member

    I'm doing it now. I only have 10 more days left, counting today. In 34 days I've lost 18.4 lbs & 34.5 in. The place I got my drops from is in Murphy.

    I don't think it would be a good idea to do it if you're breastfeeding though, but that's just my opinion.
  11. Mistyme

    Mistyme Senior Member Plus

    I just can't bring myself to do it... Putting HCG in my body when it's not "needed" just doesn't seem wise to me and I have heard of lots of side effects (like passing out). I would also wonder how your body is going to be nurished? I think the best "diet" is just cutting cals and working out :) Good luck but like others said I wouldn't do it breastfeeding and not sure how that seems safe!
  12. Purple

    Purple Senior Member Plus

    I saw a segment about this on the news last night. They took two different types of drops to an OB who ran pregnancy tests on the drops. One type came up negative and one was very, very, very faintly positive. His opinion was that you are buying water with a severely diluted amount of hormone in it and that it is the 500 calorie diet that causes the weight loss.

    It doesn't seem very smart to me. 500 calories isn't something that one can realistically maintain, so once you stop, you'll probably regain.
  13. JenniferM

    JenniferM Senior Member Plus

    I should clarify with the bf'ing. I am currently nursing Ivy 2x per day. Once at nap time and once at bedtime. I know she is not getting much, maybe 2-3 ounces a day from me. I am drying up :( I can tell by how she swallows. When she was younger she would gulp and swallow every second or two. Now it is more of a small swallow every 15-20 seconds. She is not dependent on my milk for calories anymore. It is pretty much just comfort.

    I did just have my thyroid checked. I had a complete physical because I feel awful. I have a huge lump under my arm. I was told in the past it was breast tissue that grew as I gained weight :( . I am always tired. I still have to take an hour nap every day. I always feel run down and never feel like doing anything. My hair is thinning. My doctor did an ekg and full bloodwork with some extra tests for my thyroid. The tests all came back normal. He said that I needed to lose weight and that my weight was the reason I felt so terrible. He is probably right. I was just really hoped it was something with my thyroid since my mom has so many problems with hers. Did you know that thyroid problems can cause psychotic problems? Her doctor that just removed her thyroid told me that her mental conditions (bi polar) could be contributed to her thyroid being so out of wack for so many years. She does seem a little better now. Just before she had it taken out she started having serious blood pressure issues. It would go really high, and then hours later really low. It took a few months to figure out it was her thyroid causing it. I have been telling her to get it checked for years. You could see it was big in her throat. She looked like she had an adams apple.

    I do think gluten free would help me tremendously. Matt is now and he has lost so much. He does not try to lose weight, he is not over weight to begin with. He still eats everything coated in butter and still eats lots of sweets. All he can eat is fish, shrimp, and veggies every night. He does eat quinoa pasta once a week. It is high in protein so I might let myself eat that once a week.
  14. JenniferM

    JenniferM Senior Member Plus

    See, I am severely overweight. When I see a picture of myself I do not recognize the person at all. I wear a 22-24 from Lane Bryant and I got some shorts out yesterday and they were tight. That means I will have to buy a bigger size.

    Also, Lena said something that devastated me. She was in the tub and said "mommy, why are you so fat?". It was innocent, she just wanted to know why I was so big. It broke my heart. I have to lose weight for them. When I was a kid I remember being embarrassed of my dad because he was big. I hate myself now for it, but you kwim.

    I do not care about being "pretty". I just want to be fit and healthy for my family. I want to go camping. I want to go hiking. I want to do fun stuff that I cannot physically do right now. I could technically go camping, but not in the summer. Now that I have gained all this weight I cannot take the heat at all. It makes me sick when I am in the heat too long.
  15. Mistyme

    Mistyme Senior Member Plus

    Quick question when they tested your thyriod did they test your T3 and T4 levels? I ask because not all doctors do.
  16. JenniferM

    JenniferM Senior Member Plus

    He told me he was testing some T levels. I did not understand what that meant so I did not pay attention to the numbers. He said he was testing to see if I was hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. He said that what I was describing could be either. When they called with the results they did not say anything specifically, just that all my tests were normal.
  17. JenniferM

    JenniferM Senior Member Plus

    I do get that a starvation or ultra low calorie diet is not the best way to lost weight, but if I cannot do something myself then I will do the lap band. That would basically be the same thing. It would not let me eat too much. I would like to avoid surgery if possible. I cannot really afford it but I would make a way if it was my last option.

    I am pretty determined this time. I know it will be hard, but I will do this somehow. I remember the amazing feeling the last time I was losing weight. When I started noticing my waist getting smaller and my clothes becoming too big it was like a drug. It helped motivate me. I was not really trying to lose at that time, but I started riding my bike not just to get into shape but also because I hated paying $5 for parking every shift I worked. I worked at a restaurant in the West End and worked 2 shifts a day. Parking was crazy :lol. I was doing this in the winter/spring but planned to start driving when it started to get hot. After seeing results I kept riding through the summer. The heat was awful, but I felt awesome.
  18. laurachelle

    laurachelle Senior Member Plus

    Hopefully, your doctor did do all the proper tests, but there is a good chance he did the routine tests many other doctors and endos give. Most endo's check your TSH, and possibly your T4 (thought doubtfully). I would be shocked if he tested all of them - TSH (least important, but what most endo's base diagnosis off of), T3 (most important) and T4. I'd also be surprised if he did any antibodies tests. I know so many women who were told they were "normal" when they were very much hypothyroid.
  19. Mistyme

    Mistyme Senior Member Plus

    :yeah I found my T4 numbers were way off by my doctor. She was the first to test that infact she was also the first to test my liver and found a slight problem w/that which has effected my weight. My new doctor for the pregnancy was very surprised at my levels I was taking for my thyriod 137mg. He didn't believe it was even right for but ran all the tests my old doc did and sure enough I got a call that I am finally normal again.

    I would say the difference between lapband and the HCG diet is with lap band you only stop if you take out the band but with the HCG once you stop you gain. I would do lap band honestly over HCG. I would do natural diet over lap band of course. I do understand how you feel I too have considered surgery too but will say even with lap band you normally still eat more cals then 500. But there is risks like anything. I would just weigh your pros and cons on everything. I really would give a good diet a try though whatever you pick (I am going back to WW after this pregnancy). Before I throw in the towel for surgery.
  20. JenniferM

    JenniferM Senior Member Plus

    I remember him saying he was testing some "free" somethings. I will call and see if I can get my results for that they tested for. I have to call back anyways. He said I needed a sono of my breasts (for the lump under my arm) and that the place would be calling to schedule. They never did.

    Is there anything herbal I could take to naturally balance my hormones? Would I have to know what exactly was wrong first?


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