GMC Owners- need advice!

Discussion in 'Reviews and Recommendations' started by Lindsayrg3, Feb 26, 2013.


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  1. Lindsayrg3

    Lindsayrg3 Senior Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I'll be getting a new vehicle before too long, and for whatever reason, I'm in love with the GMC Acadia. Like crazy in love. But my husband does NOT want to buy a GMC, and my Dad is not a fan either. Do any of you own the Acadia? Has it caused you any problems? Would you buy it again if you could do it all over again? Thanks!


  2. Purple

    Purple Senior Member Plus

    My neighbor had an Acadia. I'm not terribly sure of the details, but she did have a problem with it and ended up trading it in...for another Acadia.
  3. hyperbole

    hyperbole Senior Member

    I had a GMC Yukon I loved... had it 5 years and never a problem. I have heard that the Acadia has reliability issues... I looked at them for myself because I too love the look and size of them and I had such a great experience with my Yukon. I'm too chicken to go for it based on the reliability issues. I plan to get a Buick Enclave this fall instead... they drive amazing, better reliability than the Acadia and they have the lay flat third row seating.
  4. Lindsayrg3

    Lindsayrg3 Senior Member

    I'm looking at the Enclave too, but the Acadia is so much better looking! :(
  5. Crystal A

    Crystal A Senior Member Plus

    I :love the Enclave. My mom has one...I have a GMC Yukon XL and love it...going strong at 105,000...
  6. Canary_Mom

    Canary_Mom Senior Member Plus

    I've been driving my Acadia for 17 months now and love it. Great interior for someone who likes a minivan interior, but doesn't want a minivan. Performance is just fine for me, and no problems.
  7. Danea

    Danea Senior Member Plus

    I have a 2011 Acadia that we got Nov 2010 and have had no mechanical issues with it. There are a few inside parts that I think they cheaped out on as the plastic is flimsy (floor vents in 3rd row, center console etc), but not sure about the new style they are coming out with. I was totally in love with it until James Wood flubbed the hail repairs and now it's leaky when it rains :(


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