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Discussion in 'Bargains, Deals and Frugal Living' started by angie, Jan 20, 2011.


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  1. angie

    angie Senior Member Plus

    I was watching some show that showed "extreme couponers" and at least two or three of them mentioned that they get their coupons through coupon clipper services. I kind of did an online search for them. Anyone do this and/or recommend or not recommend a particular company or website? How does it work?


  2. mrspeachykeen

    mrspeachykeen Senior Member

    thecouponmaster.com is the one that I've seen recommended the most. I've used it once.
  3. JenniferT

    JenniferT Senior Member Plus

    You pay for the clipping time in theory. I've used a few services, but only when there is an amazing coupon (like the $2.25 Finish coupon)
  4. mom2-1xx1xy

    mom2-1xx1xy Senior Member Plus

    I saw that show and was amazed at the deals those people got. I was also a little concerned by their stockpiles. Who needs 300 toothbrushes even if they are free? I was glad to see the one guy buy or use coupons for free cereal for a food bank. The next show will be Extreme Couponing Hoarders!
  5. Tammy

    Tammy Senior Member Plus

    What channel is this on ?
  6. Erica

    Erica Senior Member Plus

    TLC--I've used a clipper service and ebay a while back, and it is great if you know what the good coupons are. It can be very cost effective to order them this way, but if you don't know what will be going on sale, you could just end up throwing away a lot of qs. I think I've used thecouponclippers.com. Reasonable prices and fast turnaround.
    I love couponing, but I found that show a little disturbing. Some of those people seemed to be suffering from an addiction to coupons. The first couple especially could in no way, ever use all of that stockpile. There comes a point when you have to stop buying. I'm glad they showed some that had a more balanced approach, or were giving away to charity.
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  7. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle Senior Member Plus

    No advice but I think extreme couponers are amazing. I wish I could be the diligent. I always cut the coupons and always forget to use them.
  8. riddikulus

    riddikulus Senior Member Plus

    The show made me mad. They have stock piles of crap that they're never going to be able to use.
    But yeah, I'm one of those who clip coupons but forget to use them.
  9. JenniferT

    JenniferT Senior Member Plus

    You have to keep them in a binder & take it with you every time. The really serious ones use baseball card holders in a 3 ring binder and plan their trips ahead of time. The ones on the TLC show are super crazy (with the exception of the lady who only bought what she needed) and a lot of it was set up. There is no way that any store would let you buy in those quantities.

    I'm trying to get back to using my coupons more, but it can be exhausting sometimes. CVS / Walgreens are great for building a free stockpile, but you have to basically work out your plan ahead of time. Its sort of like a mini math test to make sure you don't end up spending out of pocket when you are trying to roll rewards / ECBs.
  10. angie

    angie Senior Member Plus

    I found the show a little disturbing as well. However, I have gotten coupons off eBay that were a really awesome deal and saved me tons of $$ on products I normally buy. The only thing that made me wish I had of their stockpiles was the.... TOILET PAPER. My kids use a roll++ a day and that expense adds up quick because I refuse to buy cheapy TP -- I have to have SOFT lol
  11. skyfiregrl

    skyfiregrl Senior Member Plus

    I watched that and was amazed. I really liked the last 3 people that get stuff, but don't hoard it. The first person really disturbed me with her rooms and rooms of stuff. I like that the guy was donating stuff.
  12. jsmb

    jsmb Senior Member

    I do a little couponing, but my sister should have been on the show. She stock piles but only things that she will use. Never run out of Deoderant, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. She keeps 1 or 2 extras and then knows when they are low to get a couple more, nothing out of hand like "some on the show".
    People don't realize, but randalls, krogers and others with their own cards... you can download coupons to the cards themselves and still use paper coupons as well; buy an item on sale and the cost is significantly less than walmart.
    Don't cut them and forget to use them... it does take a little time and math, but the savings will pile up and it does become a challenge. But do something with the money saved - take a trip, something extra for yourself etc. You will start to feel it, quicker than you think. :)
  13. angie

    angie Senior Member Plus

    For the same item? I did not know this. Thanks for the tip
  14. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    thecouponclippers.com, is a good one.

    Its very nice to have a small stockpile- but some people totally over do it. It's easy to do as you are learning. We still have some shampoo/cond. that got at least a year ago b/c i overbought. There is a balance to buying/stockingup.
  15. StacyLynn624

    StacyLynn624 Senior Member

    I have a stockpile. I'm an extreme couponer. I have 18 bags of Goldfish crackers and 10 bags of Kettle chips because they were super cheap. I've got about 3 years worth of deodorant and about 10 razors that I got for free. I donate a lot too. I only buy stuff that we will use, and then I buy things that I can get for free with coupons to add to my donation bin. When the bin is full, I take it to Allen Community Outreach, and then start over. It's a really fun hobby! I love it! I put my shopping trips on my blog. It's also got pictures of my binder!
  16. jsmb

    jsmb Senior Member

    the other day I bought 6 boxes of name brand cereal, I think General Mills for about $1 each.

    Yes download your coupons on your Randalls, Kroger, CVS card and carry in paper coupons for the same item - DOUBLE savings PLUS always buy when its on sale.
  17. StacyLynn624

    StacyLynn624 Senior Member

    There are new episodes of Extreme Couponing starting tomorrow night at 8 on TLC. I'm not really a fan of this show, but I watch it because it's crazy. I don't think that anyone needs to buy 500 toothbrushes at a time, even if they are donating. I donate a lot, but I get 2 or 4 here and there. I don't clear the shelves and I don't stockpile more than what my family uses in a reasonable amount of time.

    This show is extreme for a reason! Just thought you might be interested.
  18. max-out

    max-out Senior Member Plus

  19. Nic&Kenna'sMom

    Nic&Kenna'sMom Senior Member Plus

    I sometimes wonder if companies are changing their coupon policies (like Kroger no longer doubling/tripling in the Houston area) because of the extreme couponers. I know the manufacturers reimburse the stores for the face value, but if the store has to eat the cost of the double/tripling... then someone cleans out 500 toothbrushes, well... I could see that might hurt their bottom line.
  20. Kriscrn

    Kriscrn Senior Member

    I'm kind of new to the couponing thing and not extreme (yet!). I love couponmom.com because it's free and it basically does all the work of matching up sales and coupons for you. You still have to clip, but it's pretty easy to get the best buy you can on the things you use.

    I don't have any room to stockpile, but I have been getting many items for free or just a few cents and when I get enough will bring them to the community outreach. I love that all I have to give is some time and can really help out.


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