expired crescent rolls

Discussion in 'Food and Nutrition' started by bnance, Jul 17, 2008.


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  1. bnance

    bnance Senior Member

    Can I still use expired refrigerated crescent rolls? I think they expired in march!


  2. Jewel6599

    Jewel6599 Senior Member Plus

    I have used expired ones before, but never ones that expired 4 months ago. The longest I keep/use them is 1 month past expiration.
  3. Carol

    Carol Senior Member Plus

    I've used them past the expiration too but I'm not sure how long after. You could open them up and see if it "pops". If it doesn't pop, then I would definitely just trash them.
  4. PattyS

    PattyS Senior Member Plus

    They are probably ok, though they may not raise fully!
    I've used them this late. :bag
  5. babyluv26

    babyluv26 Senior Member

    I'm picky about expired foods and refuse to eat them, for fear of getting sick. I figure there is a reason for the expiration date.
  6. maternus.aeternum

    maternus.aeternum Senior Member Plus

    i bet they won't rise.
    i made some that were just two weeks past expiration and they were flat and doughy.
  7. aliciamh

    aliciamh Senior Member Plus

    i saw a news article recently saying how bad it was to eat expired dough, cake mixes, etc. i would air on the cautious side and probably toss them. but that's just me. :dunno
  8. Dina

    Dina Senior Member Plus

    oh yeah, I have read something about expired pancake mix can be fatal or something??? yikes!
  9. mommy2be

    mommy2be Senior Member

    Yeah, I'd go ahead and toss them.
  10. aliciamh

    aliciamh Senior Member Plus

    yup. thats what i was referring to. better safe than sorry!! :)


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