Emma's DOC Band update + question

Discussion in 'All About Kids' started by Jenzo, Dec 31, 2008.


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  1. Jenzo

    Jenzo Senior Member Plus

    BCBS finally approved Emma's DOC band :banana Sooooo....we went in this morning for all the measurements and she will get it on the 15th.

    Question is...how do I decorate it to make it all cute? I see some that are different colors but I know they all come white. What do they use to paint it? What do they use as stickers and stuff and how do they stay on? Thanks!


  2. MandyD

    MandyD Senior Member Plus

    Woohoo!!!! Do you happen to have pictures of her "before" head? I'm starting to wonder if Griffin needs one or not. I have done everything except duct tape him to his tummy when he's not asleep or in the car seat, but he refuses to be on his tummy. I have no idea how to help you decorate it, but I bet you could ask someone at a craft store what paint would work on whatever material it's made of. I know it can be done, but I'm not sure how. How long will she be wearing it?
  3. Cheyenne

    Cheyenne Senior Member Plus

    My SIL decorated her daughter's with scrapbooking stickers. I think they were the rub on kind but I don't know for sure.
  4. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    I didn't paint my DS's because I heard they chipped a lot.

    However, we went every few weeks to the scrap book store and I bought new stickers to change the theme-

    I found the clear stickers, not the paper white kind came off a lot easier too. Occasionally, I would put some clear nail polish over the sticker and edges to help it stick too.

  5. Jamie

    Jamie Senior Member Plus

    There is an airbrushing place at Valley View Mall. I know some Moms who have used airbrushing to paint them. The problem you will have, if it is like most DOC bands is that it can only be removed for an hour a day, which will usually be bath time. So, getting it painted might be a little hard.

    Stickers are always good. Sharpies come in a variety of colors down a days. :giggle

    Personally, I like the airbrushed ones.
  6. MurphyMom

    MurphyMom Senior Member Plus

    Cranial Technologies is who did the band for my son's head and they had a portfolio of painted bands with an artists contact info. We took the band to her house and she painted it to look like a Cowboy helmet and it only took about three hours. It was totally worth it!! It took the *scary* element out of this medical issue. People didn't stare at him as much as comment on how cute the artwork was. Once we got talking to them they felt free to ask questions, "Was he hurt? Is he sick?" etc. I still display his "helmet" in his room on his bookshelf.
  7. MelissaRB

    MelissaRB Senior Member

    :yeah My sister used to work for Cranial Tech and when her son needed a band, she decoated the first one with Sharpies and stickers, but it didn't stay on too well. With the second band she contacted one of the artists Cranial Tech recommends and had it painted. It looked great and stayed on really well over the next several months.

    Good luck! :thumbup
  8. Amy02

    Amy02 Senior Member Plus

    I am so glad the insurance approved the band! I'm not much help with the decorating because Matthew wore a STARband and it came with a pattern on it already. Good luck with her treatment. It is so worth it!
  9. TwinmomPlusOne

    TwinmomPlusOne Senior Member Plus

    I used rub on transfers. I liked using those because I was able to change the look easily.
  10. CarlaP

    CarlaP Senior Member Plus

    Jamie's right, the one hour a day thing is the tricky part of decorating it! I used acrylic paint on P's, and outlined it with a paint pen, and then put a clear acrylic base over that to help with the chipping. I HIGHLY recommend putting her name on the front, P loved it when people would address her by name in the grocery store. Stickers would work really well too, and you can change them easily.
  11. Mommy2_2_Cuties

    Mommy2_2_Cuties Senior Member Plus

    I painted Jordan's myself and didn't have any of the chipping issues. I would totally paint it over doing the stickers, like a previous post said it does take away the scary medial look of the helmet when you paint it.


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