Do you still have your teddy bear, doll, or blanket?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Table' started by CathyAnn, Mar 4, 2013.


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  1. Yes, in a closet

    20 vote(s)
  2. Yes, it still sleeps with me

    3 vote(s)
  3. No, it's sadly lost

    2 vote(s)
  4. Never had one

    6 vote(s)
  5. Don't remember

    1 vote(s)
  6. Other, explain

    10 vote(s)
  1. CathyAnn

    CathyAnn Senior Member Plus

    Do you still have your teddy bear, doll, or blanket from when you were a child?


  2. Lindsayrg3

    Lindsayrg3 Senior Member

    Yes! My favorite bear ever, whose name is Patrick, lives in my closet. I don't know if I will ever be able to get rid of him.
  3. november

    november Senior Member

    Yep. Charlie, the long, gangly doggy wearing overalls (who may or may not be missing an ear...) is packed away in a keepsake box. =0) So is my baby blanket.
  4. riddikulus

    riddikulus Senior Member Plus

    Nope. I voted it's lost but it isn't. It was put into storage and the bill was never paid so the locker was auctioned off.
  5. simplyme

    simplyme Senior Member Plus

    yes, actually right behind me is a shelf with some of my childhood stuffed animals, my blanket, baby mobile, coming home outfit, baby shoes, cast from breaking my arm at about 18 mos, dance recital costumes, tap shoes, ballet shoes, a few awards form childhood, several dolls that my grandparents made or gave to me. I have an identical shelf on the other side of our futon that has my swimming and gymnastics medals, trophies, ribbons and memorabilia.
  6. MonkeyMomma

    MonkeyMomma Senior Member Plus

    I never really had any one thing that I was attached to, but I do have a few stuffed animals and blankets from my childhood in a box, stored away. My mom has a box of dolls that she keeps threatening to send also ;) We do have my dh's blankie that he carried everywhere (also stored because it's in shreds).
  7. handsandfeet

    handsandfeet Senior Member Plus

    I had 3 small blankets that I slept with and they are in DS's closet now. I tried to give them to him a while back and he was not interested (latched onto a different blanket).
  8. tbrilhante

    tbrilhante Senior Member

    Yes. It's an ugly orange & white bear. It was one of the first toys a got as a newborn and it lived in my bed, and then my closet until I got married. My son found it at mom's place a couple of summers ago while we were visiting and the bear has been living in his bed ever since.
  9. Giovanna

    Giovanna Senior Member Plus

    I still have the Cabbage Patch doll my mom bought for me in 1985. With as much trouble as she went to go get it, I can't bear to get rid of it :lol But I never slept with it as a kid and I still don't, I just have her in my closet.
  10. LeftEarDominant

    LeftEarDominant Senior Member Plus

    I still have mine. I voted "In a closet" but it really lived in our guest bedroom until recently, when I moved it to the nursery for my impending arrival to have :)

    It's a bear who looks an awfully lot like Ted from the movie, and his name is Scrubby. I got the name for him in elementary school when the nurse was teaching us how to properly wash our hands, and she had a bear named Scrubby. Dont' know why, but I thought that was a good name and gave it to my own bear.
  11. Julia

    Julia Senior Member Plus

    No. As an army brat, we travelled light. My thumb was my fav lovey

    Oh wait, I did keep Tootles. A large Madame Alexander baby doll that was my mothers, and then mine. I think my mom has her minus some fingers and toes from our **** dog. Lol
  12. delilahdr

    delilahdr Senior Member Plus

    My youngest still sleeps with my childhood bear. :thumbup
  13. stefakee

    stefakee Senior Member Plus

    Me too! LOL. I remember going WITH her! What a mess.
    I bought my oldest the 25th anniversary one that is identical to it :love
  14. Tasha

    Tasha Senior Member Plus

    I have a baby blanket that was knitted for me by a friend of my mom's. It is pink, blue, and white. It's still at my mom's house in a dresser.
  15. jquedal

    jquedal Senior Member Plus

    I never had one... is that weird?
  16. Jonna

    Jonna Senior Member Plus

    One of my boys adopted my old blanket as his own. I love seeing him use it. :love
  17. COPA

    COPA Senior Member

    Yes, I have my favorite baby doll from childhood that now belongs to my daughter.
  18. Mom2one

    Mom2one Senior Member

    I had a baby blanket that I remember sleeping with until the age of 6. Past that I do not know what happened with it. I still have a doll and sticker book from when I was around 8 years old. I have those in a box in the attic.
  19. Mistyme

    Mistyme Senior Member Plus

    Yes my kids have it it's a dog called Christmut that I got for Christmas one year from my grandma when I was like 7 yrs ago. I swear I slept with that thing until I was 17.
  20. Katie1013

    Katie1013 Senior Member

    My aunt made me a raggedy ann doll when I was little. It's bigger than my 4 year old and both my girls play with it from time to time.

    I also have a soft cradle with a small baby and my girls play with it too. I love that these were handmade toys I loved and they get to play with them too.


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