dishwasher tablets that don't dissolve

Discussion in 'Home Matters' started by HollyGirl, Jan 21, 2011.


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  1. HollyGirl

    HollyGirl Senior Member Plus

    I really love the dishwasher tablets instead of the squeeze stuff. I bought the big container of the Finish tablets at Costco. But about 1 out of 4 times.....they don't dissolve. Sometimes the little soap holder is still closed (not sure if that is supposed to open during the cycle? never noticed) and the tablet is all gloppy in the there. Other times, the holder is still closed, but the tablet has dissolved and the holder is empty.

    :confused Does anyone else have this problem?


  2. JenniferT

    JenniferT Senior Member Plus

    I don't have this problem. I've used that kind before, but I usually use the gelpaks. Do you have the same issue with those? The dispenser is supposed to open during the wash, so maybe you have a dishwasher issue?
  3. theartsyone

    theartsyone Senior Member Plus

    We have this sometimes with the finish gelpacks. I turn on the hot water in the sink and let it run for a minute before I turn on the dishwasher. That seems to help, most of the time.
  4. artzy_fartzy68

    artzy_fartzy68 Senior Member Plus

    i think it's your dishwasher. can you try giving the whole soap assembly thing a good cleaning w/ vinegar? If it doesn't fix it, just leave it open. even if the soap falls to the bottom of the dishwasher it still works. :)
  5. skyfiregrl

    skyfiregrl Senior Member Plus

    I agree with Jacki, I think it is the dishwasher. Make sure the little door isn't blocked by something IN the dishwasher, that is what happens to us. Sometimes if mine is really full I don't bother closing the soap door on it.
  6. ~Amy

    ~Amy Senior Member Plus

    :yeah I have the same problem. I stopped using the gel packs because of it. I do find that running vinegar through a cycle helps sometimes. But I had to switch back to regular detergent because it was happening more often. :sigh And it's suppose to be a higher grade dishwasher...
  7. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle Senior Member Plus

    It happens sometimes with ours as well but we have an old dishwasher so I think that is why. I've noticed my mom has the same issue and she just drops it at the bottom of the dishwasher instead of the little soap thing.
  8. Joy

    Joy Senior Member Plus

    I had a problem with the finish gelpacks as well. I switched to cascade and have not had any problems.
  9. Shara

    Shara Senior Member



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