Dillards Outlet in Arlington????????????

Discussion in 'Reviews and Recommendations' started by JenandKids, Aug 11, 2006.


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  1. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    Does anyone know if the big Dillards outlet is still around? And if so, where it is? We went a couple of years ago- and I forget how to find it.


  2. Michelle&Danny

    Michelle&Danny Senior Member Plus

    Don't know if it's still there....but I LOVED that place.
  3. addavis123

    addavis123 Guest

    It is off of 360!!!
  4. kimbock

    kimbock Senior Member Plus

    It's off 360 & Pioneer Pkwy. It's been years since I've been over that way and I guess it's still there.
  5. JenandKids

    JenandKids Senior Member Plus

    Thanks ladies- I hope it is still there, and has good deals- we will make a long trip out there this weekend... DH tells me he needs a new wardrobe! :lol
  6. The Cook

    The Cook Senior Member Plus

    It's not at Pioneer Parkway anymore. It is closer to 6 Flags now on 360. It is the old 6 Flags Mall now. It moved last year.
  7. kimbock

    kimbock Senior Member Plus

    See that's how long it's been since I've been that way. My dad lives in Grand Prairie too :(
  8. momof3babes

    momof3babes Senior Member

    If you can wait until Labor day weekend, they usually do an extra 15% off everything! They have sales going on during holiday weekends. That is when I try to time my shopping trips there. It is well worth it!
  9. gabbyandme

    gabbyandme Senior Member Plus

    I've been there once and it was a disaster area, but I did find a perfect pair of $200+ shoes for $25! IMO, it is well worth the lack of organization for a deal like that.
  10. Chelsea

    Chelsea Senior Member Plus

    A Dillards outlet!? I must go!
  11. momof3babes

    momof3babes Senior Member

    Yes, that is a really good point. If you hate having to spend hours searching for clothes, probably isn't a place for you. I always end up walking out of there with a headache after spending half a day there but I sure do end up with an awesome deal! Also, you can't return anything so be sure to try everything on! That can also be hectic. The dressing rooms can be really crowded sometimes-not mention an absolute mess with clothes thrown all over the floor!
  12. The Cook

    The Cook Senior Member Plus

    I highly recommend that you don't go with kids. They don't have carts and it is easy to lose a kid in there. :lol
  13. HeatherMama

    HeatherMama Senior Member

    My dad used to do security for them, gosh has it been 10 years ago already?! Sheesh! Wow. Sorry, shocked myself there. But yeah, it is awesome. Totally unorganized, but tons of great deals if you can find what you want! lol They have furniture too!
  14. Yeah, definately not a place for kids or husbands!
  15. quester

    quester Senior Member Plus

    Your dad did security there 10 years ago? I worked there the summer of 1997. I didn't work at the store, but the upstairs had a Dilliards office and that is where I worked. My MIL worked there for years and left in late 1998 I believe.
  16. mariar33174

    mariar33174 Guest

    Labor Day

    Does this mean shop on Monday or the Labor day weekend?
  17. dianthe

    dianthe Senior Member Plus

    there is also a Dillards Clearance Center at Irving Mall - i haven't been to that one but i had a friend who cleaned up the last time she went


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