diaper rash cream

Discussion in 'All About Kids' started by ~susan~, Mar 17, 2010.


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  1. ~susan~

    ~susan~ Administrator Staff Member

    I could have sworn there is some recipe for a miracle diaper rash cream that includes milk of magnesia, desitin, and some other ingredients but I can't find it...help!


  2. ~Amy

    ~Amy Senior Member Plus

    Is it benadryl and MoM? Off to google...

    No, wait, I'm thinking of the mouth wash for blisters we used on Blake.

    I do think you can use MoM on diaper rash according to the internets. ;)
  3. JenniferT

    JenniferT Senior Member Plus

    Maalox and then cover with A&D ointment?
  4. nikkilou

    nikkilou Senior Member Plus

    i really have no idea, but we use Dr. Smith's and it works great.
  5. kimmyg

    kimmyg Senior Member Plus

    Don't know, but I've heard good stuff about Boudroux's Butt Paste. (Gotta love the name! :giggle)
  6. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle Senior Member Plus

    Love this stuff! Anytime E starts to get a little rash it's gone the next day.
  7. Sara&Evan

    Sara&Evan Senior Member Plus

    LOVE Dr. Smith's!!! Puts all the other creams to shame...
  8. peortega

    peortega Guest

    We have used California Baby diaper cream and it's gone by next day!


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